Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Fitness Events

In "Project: Bridging the Wellness Gap", I teach that the two central tenants needed to make progress are 1) planning and 2) maintaining a "No Excuses" mindset.

As we look towards the upcoming Holidays there are plenty of opportunities to become a "victim" when it comes to our diet and exercise and there are plenty of opportunities for excuses to become "king of the day".

With that in mind, here are a couple of great opportunities that you can craft into your Thanksgiving celebration. Both events are conducive to minimizing any "damage" you may inflict on your self from heavy food choices, both events assist charitable organizations, and both events should be loads of fun.

6th Annual Drumstick Dash -- Broadripple -- Thanksgiving Morning
Supports the Wheeler Mission Ministries

While I have not done this event, I've talked to some folks who ran it last year and it sounds like lots of fun and lots of people. I've preached for years that the best thing you can do the morning of a Holiday celebration is to get in a workout, especially cardio. So, here you go! I'm considering joining in the fun, though I have yet to sign up...

Thanks, Project Grad Carrie, for the suggestion.

4th Annual After The Turkey Yoga with Chris -- Cityoga -- 9am-11am -- Day after Thanksgiving. Cost = $20.

I am currently working out the final details on the charity that will benefit from this event and will keep you posted.

No better way to get back into the flow of your fitness than to join me for two hours of Power Yoga the day after Thanksgiving; sure is better for you than lying around on the couch all day.



Rob Johansen said...

I vouche for the Day-After Turkey Yoga idea. If you combine the Drumstick Dash, a great....and I mean GREAT power Yoga class on Friday for two hours, and then if you have anything left you can add on Chris' Saturday morining may actually leave the Thanksgiving Holiday LIGHTER than you entered it.

And I am SURE you will definitely feel more thankful.

I'm up for it! How 'bout everybody else? Let's celebrate this important holiday together on the mat and on the street. It'll make our time at the dinner table with our families all the more special.

With love and best wishes for a great upcoming holiday season,

Rob Johansen

Anonymous said...

Dude, I'm in town this T-holiday. I think it might make for my FIRST EVER day-after yoga.

Indeed, tis the high holidays coming up. Go well, everyone!

lama said...

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