Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Day 66

The Results Are In.... Almost.

I have a couple folks who were not able to attend the final fitness testing on Sunday, once we get them tested, all the results will be in. In the meantime, I'll begin to share bits and pieces of the results from this amazing group of Project Graduates. Look for more pictures, stories, and testimonials coming soon.


Crankin' out the push ups! One of the before and after fitness tests was the dreaded push-up test (though I personally love this test). In the foreground is the ultra-fit Rob Johansen who set the bar super-high with an amazing 75 push ups! So, what's with the water bottles on everyones mat? I call it, "The Water Bottle of Truth" -- you place a water bottle, on it's side, in-line with your heart. In order for the push up to "count" you have to touch your sternum to the bottle. Talk about keeping you honest! Give it a try. Nice posture, Jeanie! (seated in the background)

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