Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Day 79

Today kicked off with a little black coffee to clear the cobwebs from my head and get the mojo flowin'. In short order, I was out the door of my parents home and running down the road. As much as I wanted to stay home and enjoy breakfast and visit with everyone as they were waking up, it would have ended up being an excuse for skipping my workout. Instead, I went for a run, and it was great. I felt great during the run, I felt great after the run, and I still feel great. I've never regretted doing a workout, but I sure have regretted bailing on workouts; today was no exception.

Keeping it short tonight, and I should have some fun blog stuff coming later this week. Until then, check out Project Grad Loretta's post from today! Great stuff Loretta, you have come so far. I don't think many can appreciate how far you have come, but after working with you over the last year or so, I truly know what you have accomplished and how much you have grown. You are living the Project Principles and it shows. Proud of you!


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