Friday, October 24, 2008

Month 2 Stand-Outs

While the Test Pilots completed their 12 week Project a few weeks ago, I wanted to begin sharing some of the feedback, testimonials, and much more, so that all of you can help celebrate the amazing progress and accomplishments that took place.

First up? Rob and Jen Johansen. I selected them as the "Month 2 Stand-Out Test Pilots". I intended to post this several weeks ago, yet just now found the image to go along with it: -)

During the second month of the Project, Rob and Jen were living in Scotland while Rob was performing in a show. I don't recall exactly how long they were gone, but it was in the neighborhood of 3 weeks.

While living in Scotland, Rob and Jen held true to the "No Excuses" motto of the Project: They took their workout bands, their yoga mats and Project Yoga CD, and they took their running shoes; everything they would need to stick to their workouts. In addition, once they arrived, they grocery shopped so they could stock up on what they would need for their diets. Perfect! I was so proud of Rob and Jen and how well they tested the Project "on the road".

Rob and Jen with their autographed copy of Dave Ramsey's, "Total Money Makeover", which they earned by being the "Month 2 Stand-Out Test Pilots". The book was donated by fellow Test Pilot Shawna.

At the final fitness test, both did exceptional in all areas that were tested and I think they were both pleased with their 12 week Project experience.

Here are a few highlights:
Jen -
reduced her systolic blood pressure by 14 points
lost 7 pounds
increased her hamstring flexibility by 1.5 inches (which is amazing since she was already practicing yoga on a consistent basis!)
lost a total of 11 inches, including 3 inches from her hips!
improved her push up test by 25%, performing 20 standard push ups in strict form!
completed 9 more sit ups
lowered her 1-mile run time by 6 seconds

lost 5.6 pounds from an already very lean body
improved his hamstring flexibility by 1 inch (he too, was already practicing yoga on a consistent basis!)
lost 7.75 inches, including 2.25 inches from his waist
cranked out an astounding 75 push ups, which was 15 more than he did at the initial test
completed 6 more sit ups
lowered his 1-mile run time by 8 seconds (he ran a 6:14 mile!)

Here are a few words from them:
"The Project was the greatest gift I could have given myself... I was fortunate to have my best friend, my husband Rob, right along side me as a fellow participant. I drew immeasurable strength from him throughout the 12 weeks, particularly when we were in Scotland!! But ultimately, I drew strength from myself. Strength I wasn’t sure I had (though I had my suspicions!!). I also drew strength from other Test Pilots, knowing they were out there fighting through the tough spots, just like me...

What I wanted from this experience was a sense of empowerment and to bring more mindfulness to my life and my health. Awareness, planning, commitment to Self, compassion for Self; I have a strong sense of these things now and they are the vital ingredients for making change in my life...

...the workouts were AMAZING and I’m already looking forward to cycling through them again!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, for a tremendous experience… and for helping me take 3 inches off my hips!!" -- Jen

"I entered the Project in decent physical shape. I make my living as an actor and feel it is very important to keep my body at a high level of fitness so I am ready for any physical challenge I might have on stage...

... I needed to shake up my workout routine, which had become stagnant. I needed to increase my awareness of nutritional values in food and my specific nutritional needs. I desired to lose three pounds which had "crept" around my body (I am in my early forties and have recognized the age shift in my body...albeit subtle).

Chris shook up my workouts like never before. I have lifted weights, run, done aerobic workouts on every machine created. I have run half marathons in under 90 minutes, but the combination of strength and endurance that Chris has created in his workouts has been the most intense physical test I have known, along with the most rewarding.

On Chris' program, my strength increased, my need for recovery time decreased and my running time got much faster. Normally before running a half marathon, I would need to take a few days off before the race, and then at least three days off after. During this program I ran four half marathons and never needed to skip a workout to recover. The biggest gain from this program is amazing endurance and recovery.

Nutritionally I have tried to be mindful and make smart choices with each meal and snack. But with Chris' help, paying attention to my true caloric intake really opened my eyes to where I was eating to much and where I needed to boost my intake. The best thing about the nutritional aspect of the Project is educating yourself about true hunger and emotional hunger. I have a much better understanding of when my body truly needs fuel and when I am desiring food because of an emotional state I am in.

Lastly, I lost seven pounds doing this project! Pretty good, considering my goal was to lose three.

This Project is wonderful because you don't go it alone. Chris is a wonderful guide and provides you with many tools for your body, mind and heart. And doing it in a group (and in my case, with my wife) made it easier to stick to it." -- Rob

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What a great Tribute to such wonderful, sweet people. Truly, Jen and Rob are sunshine in this world. Way to go Jen and Rob!! Alison