Monday, September 3, 2012

Mindfulness Training at PR Fitness

In Saturday’s meeting at PR Fitness I shared a handful of assignments, or practices, that I have only shared with a handful of private training clients over the years.  These mindfulness practices are incredibly simple, yet incredibly potent.  They were passed on to me by my former Teachers more than a dozen years ago, and I continue to practice them on a regular basis. 

Meditation at PR Fitness
I’ve been around the block quite a bit over the years and have experienced all sorts of practices that are more elaborate, more “secret”, more far out, more esoteric, or more whatever.  I’ve never been impressed with any of these practices.  While they may give you some sort of short term hit or high, I find they fail to offer any true transformation or insight.  They are not long term solutions or beneficial, especially in my day to day life of the lives of the people I work with.  Generally, the more simple and mundane, the more impact the practice will have.
 Mindful cleaning

The challenge lies in the discipline and consistency of implementing these practices.  It’s easy to do the simple exercises we did on Saturday and feel good about it when you do it once, maybe a whole week, or possibly a whole month.  Yet it can be challenging to stick with these assignments for YEARS!  The true benefit occurs in the consistency, in doing these practices when they are no longer fun or interesting, in sticking with your practice no matter what – that is when true transformation happens.
 More mindful cleaning...

There is nothing magical in cleaning a floor while in Yoga Squat.  There is nothing special about eating mindfully and there is nothing far out about walking mindfully, yet all three of these activities contain a lifetime of practice and deep benefit.
A lifetime of practice...

Here is some feedback on the practice that has come in so far.  Feel free to share your experiences as well!
"I really enjoyed Saturday's meeting. The cleaning exercise taught me that I need to get into my squat for longer periods of time.  Showing me the importance of serving and leaving areas better than you found them in life. When walking, my strides felt better. I hadn't experienced that the "Quieter the Mind" the more you see when you are going through actions... Interesting. The Grape scenario showed me how to involve the senses while eating... I found myself treating it as communion, a touch point to God everyday that I miss. I will give thanks more actively now. "
"I really appreciated the Mindfulness activities that we did today at the meeting. I definitely took it with me the rest of the day, and made it a point to be mindful as much as possible. When I was driving, cooking, cleaning, running, and even grocery shopping! I even saved money that way :] I am just blown away by how much i just keep growing as a person throughout this program. Just when I feel like i know enough, you throw more amazing stuff at us to become even stronger."
Mindful walking...
"I used it today & enjoyed the fuller experience of all. Thanks for the great lessons." 
"Mindfully had dinner with my parents tonight and afterwards played games and colored with the girls. We were truly ´in the moment´.
"I applied it especially during my walk this morning! Very aware of the sights and sounds that were going on around me. It was beautiful to be out before dawn. Additionally, I was very 'present' in a fun afternoon of shopping and dashing in and out of the rain with my husband. We had a blast!"

Friday, August 3, 2012

BTWG Every Make you Feel Like This?

One of my all time favorite comedies, "Airplane". Has BTWG ever made you feel like this? Sorry for you younger Recruits who may not have seen the movie: ) The truth is, there is never a "right" time to change poor lifestyle choices and habits. The best time is always "now". Enjoy your weekend!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Week 1 is in the books!

Dats right - Week 1 of BTWG is in the books and tomorrow we mindfully enter into Week 2 of the program. 

I wanted to share a few thoughts, impressions, and insights about our current group of New Recruits. 

First off, I had a feeling about this Crew from the get go.  All in all, this group is really solid, dialed in, open, receptive, motivated, and willing.  What more could I ask for?  Our first group meeting, which took place yesterday, was also fantastic. 

I also have to give a shout out to the BTWG Mentors:  Joe, OG Kelly, Alison, Sherri, and Stacy.  Each of the Mentors have been living the BTWG Lifestyle for several years and are in a role of assisting the New Recruits in their new Journey.  Among other duties, the Mentors are assigned 4-5 Recruits that they check in with each week and offer their assistance, guidance, and insight.  These guys have walked the talk and are their to help their Recruits when they are hitting a snag.  They also provide a skillful listening ear as a Recruit may often feel more comfortable talking to their Mentor about something that they are not comfortable sharing with me.

All in all, this is one AWESOME community and it's only getting better. 

 BTWG Mentor, OG Kelly, sharing some wisdom with the New Recruits

The deck at Peace Through Yoga, Eagle Creek park, made an 
awesome setting for our Week 1 Group Meeting

Stay tuned for more updates and insights coming soon.  Also, watch this site for new blogs coming from our current Recruits!

In Peace,

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A New Look for BTWG

Although BTWG has been in existence, in one form or another, since 2004, I've never had a logo for the program.  While I've dabbled with having a logo made in the past, it usually fell flat and never did much for me.  So, I figured it was high time that I get off my butt and get us a logo... or two. 

As it always happens that things present themselves at the right time, I reached out via Facebook and got a response from Shannon Dakin who has given me several great logos to work with.  I don't know that I will ever settle on one single logo to represent BTWG... I can't see a BTWG "Golden Arches" in our future... I can see using more than one logo that could be used in different contexts, etc.  So, here is our first.  What do you think?  Pretty snazzy, right?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Tick Tock

In case you don't follow the Bridging the Wellness Gap Facebook page or Twitter page, I wanted to make that EVERYONE is aware that the application process for the Summer 2012 round of BTWG is going to close early. 

While the process was scheduled to be open until June 29th, I have had several fantastic applications and I know that most of these folks are 100% ready for the program.  That said, as of this morning, there is only one spot remaining.  If you are planning to submit your application, please do so ASAP! 

Should I receive more than one qualified application, I will consider opening more spots so that no one who is truly ready will have to wait until the next round.  So, if you are planning to send in your essay, I would get it in within the next 24 hours.

In case you missed the details, here is where you can stay in touch with BTWG and what's happening in the BTWG community:
Facebook -
Twitter - @btwg
Website -

Be Well,

Friday, June 8, 2012


After a too-long hiatus, BTWG is officially back as of TODAY!  That's right, the application process for the Summer 2012 round of Bridging the Wellness Gap® is now open and will remain open until mid-night on June 29th.  This means that the BTWG blog will once again be an active site with news, updates, tips and progress reports on those who are selected for the next round of the program.  You can also stay up to date by clicking "like" on our Facebook page and following us on Twitter - @BTWG.

To learn more about Bridging the Wellness Gap®, please visit, and be sure to read the "About the Program" page as well as the "FAQ's" page.  Feel free to email me as well at