Friday, January 29, 2010

Catching Up

While the BTWG blog has been idle, things have really been popping over at the new web site: Please visit the new site, and feel free to incorporate the workouts into your BTWG workouts. Or, better yet, join us for a workout at the new gym!

Things will pick up on this blog in the near future, I have needed to shift the majority of my time and energy into getting the new business up and running as well as coaching our group for the Indy Mini.

Be Well,

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Web Site Up

The web site for our studio, PR Fitness, is up and running. I have more to add, edits to make, and more content coming soon. Yet, for now, it's operational and provides all the pertanent information. Check it out and let me know what you think:

Be Well,

Monday, January 18, 2010

Running Clinic

Finally, the long wait is over. On January 30th, 2010, I will be offering a running clinic from 10:30am - 1:30pm. The clinic will be held at our new training studio, PR Fitness, which is located in Brownsburg.

What's included in the clinic:
  • "Before" video analysis of each participant
  • Instruction on optimal running mechanics. Moving away from the conventional heel-strike method of running and the use of highly cushioned running trainers, you will be taught how to become a mid-fore foot striker. Additionally, you will be instructed on how to use your body and gravity for better running economy and efficiency. Athlete's will also be taught how to use their natural ability to absorb impact and to better transfer their energy into forward motion. Research supports that these methods, principles and techniques are in line with the way humans were designed to run and allows us to run with a minimal shoe, racing flat, or even barefoot! Essentially, you will reconnect with your innate ability to run more efficiently, more comfortable, faster, and you will be less prone to injury
  • Skills and Drills to apply the form and techniques discussed
  • Class will conclude with follow up video analysis to review improvements made as well as drills to continue working on optimal form
Cost of the workshop is $50. If you are signed up for my Indy Mini training program, there is no fee for this workshop. Want to sign up for the Mini training program? There is still time. Our first meeting is this Saturday (1/23/10). Cost is $125.

This training is ideal for anyone interested in improving their ability to run; from recreational runner or competitive athlete, this workshop will help. Regardless of the distance you typically run, this workshop is for you; from runs assigned in your CrossFit or BTWG workouts, 5K, 1/2 marathon, marathon, or ultra, this workshop will be of great value. I also strongly recommend this workshop to anyone who is joining us for the Dances with Dirt Team Relay.

If you have questions or if you want to register, please email me at

For directions to PR Fitness, please visit our web site: and click "directions". Let me know if you need additional guidance to our location.

Be Well,

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Yogi Colt?

Hey Guys,

Check this out - thanks to Joe and Shirley for getting this to me.

Go Colts!

Nothing like doing "Revolved Half Moon" to add a little flair to a touchdown. Or, was he getting in a little yoga practice during the game? I wonder if there was a penalty for show-boating in the end zone...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti Relief

I received the following email from our friend, Ginger and am happy to post it on the blog, as she requested. If you have been touched by the recent devastation in Haiti and would like to help in some way, here is an opportunity for you.

Sorry for the inconsistent font size; I couldn't get it to adjust...




I am attaching an e-mail from a college buddy of mine that works for an agency called Food for the Poor that has a huge presence in Haiti. If you feel okay about it, would you please post a blurb on your blog about how people can contribute if they feel the calling to help out?

Rick and I have supported Food for the Poor for years and I can vouch for it.



This has been quite a day dealing with the news of the devastation of the earthquake in the beloved country Haiti. I have been touched by the numerous phone calls and emails that I have received. Thank you very much. I am in awe of the generosity from so many caring people and wanting to do something to help. I thank all of you for your prayers.

FFP (Food for the Poor) needs massive amount of collections. We have been asked to direct all people to our website. We need to raise about 5 Million dollars to buy Zinc and Lumber to rebuild homes. We are sending over 250 Containers of emergency supplies.

Our FFP Office was damaged, front part of building all walls collapsed, the Chapel and wall to warehouse collapsed, no one was hurt. The Administrative offices have a lot of damage.

People are in the streets and they don't want to go back into any

Buildings. Hospital cannot accept anymore people it is at its capacity.

All phone lines are down, we can not get in contact except through internet. No Electricity, No Water.

I will be sending out a massive email tomorrow and it will have the link to donate funds. Please feel free to pass this on.

Thank you for your concern, prayers and generosity.


Tom Bouterie

Rev. Thomas R. Bouterie


P.O. Box 56907

New Orleans, LA 70156-6907

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lucky 13

"13" continues to be a favorable number for me. Today, January "13", we signed a lease on a space in Brownsburg. The CrossFit-based classes I've been teaching out of our home have grown to a point where we needed more space (and more HEAT!) to accommodate our current schedule, as well as allowing us to add more clients. The 1000 sq. ft. space will serve perfectly in this next step of our journey.

With the new space comes a new name - "PR Fitness". Why "PR"? My good friend and business partner is Jeff Porter. So, P = Porter and R = Roche. "PR" is also a term that is prevalent in CrossFit and racing as it stands for "Personal Record", so it seemed really fitting. We are in the process of becoming a CrossFit affiliate and will most likely use the name "CrossFit: PR" once we are approved.

In addition to the CrossFit-based classes, we will also offer personal training. We have two personal trainers coming on board who are very much in tune with the same style of training and approach that I take to wellness. I will also be doing 1 on 1 sessions on a limited basis. Eventually we will offer other classes, such as bootcamp and whatever seems to be a good fit for us. This will also be my home base where I will offer workshops, clinics, and the upcoming Indy Mini/CrossFit training.

It's been an exciting and eventful day, including a champaign toast with our families at the new place. So, for now, I'm too tired to share much more and tomorrow is an early day as I move our equipment into the new place - in time for tomorrow's classes!

Stay tuned for details, new class times, and the launch of our new website.

Until then, here are a couple pictures for ya...

"Behind these doors..." a view from outside.

"Within these walls..." - from the inside.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Article and Inspiration

"Hazards of Obesity Now Rival Smoking in U.S." Unbelievable!

USA Today article: READ MORE

Thanks, Pam, for the link.

Coach Cooper keeping it real and leading the fight against obesity and all things dis-ease. She has been hitting the snow covered trails at Eagle Creek this week - No Excuses! Way to go Wendy. And thanks for sending this, it was a real pick-me-up when I was down for the count with the flu-bug.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Which is Right for You?

Which is right for you, or better yet, which is best for you...?

A view from the trail at Eagle Creek. Pam the Blam took this picture last Sunday during her hike at Eagle Creek Park. Beautiful, eh?

Here is a picture taken at "Any Gym U.S.A.", a scene that repeats itself a million times at a million different location - everyone aboard an exoskeleton of a machine (yeah, that's natural and functional movement!), plugged in to an iPod, or headphones listening to the t.v., while being bombarded with fluorescent light. It beats sitting on one's butt at home, but... shoot me!

Getting it done, No Excuses! style. Pam, earlier today, out at Eagle Creek, bundled up and enjoying the fresh, crisp air, sunshine, hills, and beautiful scenery. How 'bout you? Are you using the cold and snow as an excuse to stay inside or to use the elliptical at the gym? Like I said, going to the gym to do your cardio is better than sitting on the couch and being sedentary, yet getting outside on a cold day to train forges so much more than "cardio fitness": discipline, toughness, mental and physical fortitude, gratitude, not to mention the physical aspects such as absorption of vitamin D and the functional fitness qualities of walking a trail that undulates, rolls, and pitches.

Good job, Pam!