Sunday, January 3, 2010

Which is Right for You?

Which is right for you, or better yet, which is best for you...?

A view from the trail at Eagle Creek. Pam the Blam took this picture last Sunday during her hike at Eagle Creek Park. Beautiful, eh?

Here is a picture taken at "Any Gym U.S.A.", a scene that repeats itself a million times at a million different location - everyone aboard an exoskeleton of a machine (yeah, that's natural and functional movement!), plugged in to an iPod, or headphones listening to the t.v., while being bombarded with fluorescent light. It beats sitting on one's butt at home, but... shoot me!

Getting it done, No Excuses! style. Pam, earlier today, out at Eagle Creek, bundled up and enjoying the fresh, crisp air, sunshine, hills, and beautiful scenery. How 'bout you? Are you using the cold and snow as an excuse to stay inside or to use the elliptical at the gym? Like I said, going to the gym to do your cardio is better than sitting on the couch and being sedentary, yet getting outside on a cold day to train forges so much more than "cardio fitness": discipline, toughness, mental and physical fortitude, gratitude, not to mention the physical aspects such as absorption of vitamin D and the functional fitness qualities of walking a trail that undulates, rolls, and pitches.

Good job, Pam!


John S said...

Coach Chris,
Coach Cooper and I were both out at the parks on New Year's Day: She at Starkey, me at Eagle Creek. Bitter,brutal cold, trails that were nothing but treacherous ice due to the previous snow/thaw/freeze cycle with lots of foot traffic, but we got it done! Next time, I'm heading to Starkey, too: In a bit of a "bowl" to keep one shielded from the wind, and a great hill for hill repeat intervals!
(She always picks the best spots!)


Cole said...

Ok, You convinced me to run today. I did my usual 4 mile run around the neighborhood. Cold, cold but your point about being outside really resonates with me. And those gyms! Must be why I don't belong to one. Outside is my only choice. Thanks for highlighting the differences and for getting me moving this pm.

Chris said...

You guys rock! Thanks for the comments and way to tough it out.