Friday, October 23, 2009

BTWG/CrossFit Results

Congratulations to Joe Wagle, who has been training with me since he completed the last round of the Project. Over the past months since the Project, I have been coaching Joe and integrated CrossFit workouts and CrossFit Endurance workouts into his programming.

Last weekend, Joe completed the Indianapolis Half Marathon with a goal of averaging 10:00 miles. Joe ended up surpassing his goal and averaged 9:38 miles and a finishing time of 2:06:18! Joe averaged just over 10:00 miles at last years event which was substantially more flat than this years new course. Congrats, Joe!

This weekend Joe is toeing the start line of the Knobstone 1/2 marathon as training and recon for his goal race, the Tecumseh Trail Marathon. Go get 'em Joe!

Just for the record, and I don't think Joe will mind, Joe is 52 and continuing to set PR's in running and lifting.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Recon Video of JFK 50

As many of you know, I am currently training for my next ultramarathon, the JFK 50. The race takes place in Hagerstown, MD. on November 21st. I came across the video below on the JFK 50 main site (, which takes you on a virtual tour of the route. This recon helps tremendously for those of us who have never ran the course. Check it out:

JFK 50 from The Endurables on Vimeo.

As you can see there is only 1 section of climbing (about 13 miles worth) which has around 1000 feet of vertical gain; not too bad! The rest is pretty flat and not technical at all. This is one of the reasons I picked this for my first 50 miler - that and the fact that it's somewhat a challenge finding a 50 miler. I mean, it's not like the 5K distance which you can find every weekend in just about every town across the country! : )

The JFK 50 has a higher finishing rate than some of the more mountainous and gnarly races, such as the Mountain Masochist Trail Race (also 50 miles). The MMTR features 9200 feet of climbing and 7200 feet of descent! That's insane! Click on this link, to see a video of the MMTR course: - sorry, it would not allow me to embed it here.

In conjunction with the JFK 50, I am helping to raise funds and awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project. To date, I have raised $1000 and have a vision of eventually hitting the $10,000 mark! Your consideration and contributions are greatly appreciated. To learn more about the WWP, please go to my web site: and click the link "WWP". Watch the video, ask me questions and please consider giving an online donation. When you are ready to donate, just click the link that is at the right of this blog, which takes you to my donation page.



Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Latest Project Blog

Check this out! Project Recruit Vanessa has posted a BTWG related blog:

Already, Vanessa has some very insightful posts and several inspiring moments. Do yourself a favor and check it out, then bookmark it and come back frequently.

Okay Recruits, who's next to step up?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Update on Aaron

Ginger sent me this update on Thursday, so at this point Aaron is at Bethesda and in good hands.



This is the latest on Aaron. He is being flown in the morning from Landstuhl, Germany to Bethesda, Maryland where he will receive medical care at Bethesda Naval Hospital. The Marines will fly Aaron’s wife Lauren, Jan and Aaron’s father to Bethesda where they will have accommodations for as long as they need while he recovers. He still has the chest tube in and is still considered in very serious condition, as the bullet is still lodged between the aorta and the heart, but his coming home is such a blessing!

Thank you and all for all the thoughts and prayers. Keepem coming!



Friday, October 2, 2009

Week 1 Insight

Check out this insight from Project Recruit Liz:

Hey Chris,

I just wanted to share this with you...

Last night was the first time I have taken a Yoga class since college. I was never very fond of Yoga because I always thought taking kickboxing or more intense cardio was more worth my time. I understood the benefits of Yoga, I just didn't think it was for me. About 30 minutes into class last night I was getting antsy just thinking about work and things that I needed to do at home that I almost walked out... I realized that was WHY I was there... for some "me" time, to reflect, stretch, relax and just "be". It was at that moment I realized the benefits of yoga for me. I let go of all the outside things I was thinking about and enjoyed it. I walked out relaxed and refreshed.

Thank you for putting Yoga and meditation in our plan.

Have a great day,