Sunday, August 31, 2008

Day 35

Had a great Adventure at Eagle Creek today. Tons of thanks and blessings to those who attended and to those who supported in Spirit. I made a big effort to post some pictures from our Adventure, and for some reason couldn't make it happen today. So please check back tomorrow for a photo documentary from our event.

Thanks for stopping by.

In Peace,

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Day 34

Tomorrow's the big day, Eagle Creek Adventure! Hope to see you there. Sounds like we should have around 15, or so, ready for some fun, fitness, and fellowship. Sorry for those of you not able to attend, hopefully you can join us next time around.

Stop back in tomorrow for a report on the Adventure and maybe a few pictures.

In Peace,

Friday, August 29, 2008

Day 33

Larry Bird's jersey number, how sweet is that?

Please visit my "Power Yoga and Fitness" blog for additional info on this weekends Eagle Creek Adventure.


Day 32

For some reason, this didn't post last night, so here you go...

Took today as a planned recovery day in order to meet with all my clients, teach all my classes, and be available to help celebrate my mother in-laws birthday. So, there's nothing of interest to share tonight. A solo yoga session and short run for tomorrow, and make final preparations for Sunday's Eagle Creek Adventure.

So, I think tomorrow I'll be ready to share what I have planned for December. By the way, thanks to those of you offering your encouragement and for expressing your appreciation of this blog!

Thanks for stopping by.

In Peace,

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Day 31

Another great day of being alive. Rather than another lengthy post or something boring about my training, I'm gonna let the posts from the last couple days remain "center stage", so please take the time to watch the Jack LaLanne YouTube videos, read up on the Eagle Creek Adventure, and make sure you join us on Sunday!


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Day 30

Day 30?!?!?! How did that happen, I'm 1/3 of the way through my 3 month half marathon training. So far so good, by using the principles from Project: Bridging the Wellness Gap, I feel that I am right on target for the half marathon, and on track for my "covert operation", my top secret (for now) mission that I have planned for December. It's no big deal and some of you at last Saturday's meeting overheard me talking to Corbin about it. However, I'm not ready to share the news with everyone... yet. Again, no big deal, except maybe to me and the challenge that it represents.

Made it out to Eagle Creek today, not the time I intended to be there, yet I made it out for a little recon mission for this Sundays Adventure. The trails look pretty sweet, everything is dry as of right now and very hard pack. If you haven't done the trails at Eagle Creek, I'll provide you with a nice mix of single track, hard pack, gnarly twists complete with roots jutting out in all directions, uphills, downhills, gravel sections and even a little pavement. So this Sunday you will get to see a little of everything that Eagle Creek has to offer, along with some amazing views of the reservoir.

I also discovered a way to link a couple trails together, so this route will be different than the routes we took last time and I think everyone is in for a fun adventure. The longer route will take most runners around 45 minutes to complete, depending on your pace. Since this isn't a race, I would like most of us to stay together for a fun workout and to support each other on the run and for the "mystery" challenges as well. Put it this way, we are gonna challenge all dimensions of our fitness on Sunday!

Please let me know if you plan to attend.


Kickin' it Old School

Hey Project Folks,

Think this stuff were are doing is new? Think again. Check out these YouTube videos of the "OG" (look it up) of Modern Fitness, Jack LaLanne. Oh, by the way, I just watched the one on "diet" today, so don't think I robbed the dude outright. The point is, when you get rid of all the New Age crap, the trendy stupid fitness gimmicks and stick with what comes natural, the way God intended it, you can live a full life of health, fitness, and well being.

I love Jack LaLanne and though I've never really studied his work, I do recall him begin on t.v. when I was a kid and my grandpa took me to the "Jack LaLanne" gym to work out with him. So there was always this mystique for me and he's certainly a hero. Watching these videos has really inspired me, as I hope they inspire you. There are tons of his videos on YouTube, but don't waste too much time checking them out. Instead, get up and move!


This one could easily put me out of business if everyone watched it then lived it! Cracks me up when current fitness "guru's" pretend like they invented this stuff. What a joke.

Mr. LaLanne telling it like it is. I love how authentic and unscripted he is.

Sound familiar Test Pilots?

Yup, preaching it like it is way back in the 50's. "There's nothing new under the sun."

Straight up Truth! I love, love, love his passion.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Day 29

I hope all of you can join us for this Sunday's Eagle Creek Adventure, it should be loads of fun. In preparation for the adventure, I'm doing a recon mission tomorrow morning at Eagle Creek. The plan is to be on the trail as soon as there is enough daylight (don't have a head lamp yet...) and scope out the trail conditions. I'm also looking to change up the route that we took last time so I want to see what's doable.
Contact me if you plan to attend, space is limited. First come, first served!

Today was a solo yoga session, Lordy, Lordy how I love 'em.

Be sure to check back here often, I have a couple announcements coming along regarding the current Project, the next round of the Project, future Adventure ideas and I'll share my latest personal Adventure that I am committed to doing this winter.


Day 28

It certainly ain't all about me...

Be sure to check out the Test Pilot progress reports on my other blog -



Sunday, August 24, 2008

Eagle Creek Adventure

What: Eagle Creek Adventure Day

Where: Eagle Creek Park/Peace Through Yoga

When: August 31st, 2008 8:00 - 10:00'ish (maybe closer to 11, though you can leave early if needed).

Activities: Trail hike/run, yoga, maybe a surprise or two, and refreshments/social time.

Cost: $20

LOW CARBON FOOT-PRINT SPECIAL -- ride your bike to the event, arrive by alternative fuel or hybrid vehicle, or car pool with at least one other person and you save $5 each! Come on all you North-siders, hook up and ride together. You can do your thing for the environment and save a few bucks (both in gas and the event fee!)

What to Bring: You, workout attire appropriate for activities and weather conditions, yoga mat (if you have one), shoes that you don't mind getting dirty and/or muddy, No Excuses mindset

Refreshments: feel free to bring some post-event refreshments for yourself and perhaps to share with the group. This is a great opportunity to share your healthful snack ideas and maybe pick up a new recipe or two! Joyce has committed to bringing apple and orange slices, so that base is covered.

Intensity Level: This event is for ALL LEVELS. As with all my classes and events, there will be plenty of options and modifications which will allow you to challenge your edges without forcing anything.

Sign Up: Please let me know if you plan to attend as this will assist me in planning and coordinating various aspects of the Adventure. Space is limited at Peace Through Yoga, so I will have to cap the event at 20 participants. Notify me early to secure your spot This is a rain or shine event!

In Peace,

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Day 27

Eating Humble Pie -
Today's weather, in Indy? 92 degrees; the hottest recorded day of the year. And who went running at peak "shake-n-bake" time? Yours truly. With teaching class this morning and family duties awaiting me when I got home, I had only one window of opportunity to fit in my long run. It was 3:00pm, on the dot, when I left.

Today's run was supposed to test my edges in terms of my endurance and if I was up for a 90 minute run on some hilly terrain just west of Brownsburg. I committed to a 40 minute turn around time, meaning that no matter what, I was gonna turn around at the 40 minute mark, knowing that my time would be slower on the return. I figured that was smarter than going too long and having to call for a ride because I blew up a few miles from home (a lesson learned from reading too many books about climbing Mt. Everest).

The first few miles were not too bad, sure it was hot as heck and sure I had more than a few odd stares from people in their air conditioned cars wondering what in the heck I was doing, other than that, all was going well. After I topped the first hill, practicing my technique and breathing, I felt pretty good, hot and finding it difficult to breath in the hot air, yet everything seemed to be going well. The next couple of hills went well and I was feeling pleased with my climbing/descending and my fitness. Though by this point the heat was quickly becoming the deciding factor.

Once I hit the 40 minute mark, I did a "180" and began to retrace my route. I almost always run off of "rating of perceived exertion" rather than heart rate, I find that intuitive running works best for me. Yet, I've also been at this game long enough to know that in extreme heat, you gotta keep a close eye on all the "gauges" and watch for any cautions. So, after the turn around I started checking my pulse every 5 minutes or so and found that I was consistently between 180 - 185, which for an old fart like me is pretty high. In general, I "felt" okay, I'd say on a scale of 1-10 I was around a "7 - 7.5", but like I said, the heat was becoming more and more of a factor. My legs felt fine and aerobically, I felt fine, but my body was having to work overtime in an attempt to dissipate heat. Nothing you can do about that, folks, the body has to do it's thing to keep you from baking your brain or going into heat stroke mode and dying.

Fortunately, I had my new Camelbak with me, and was able to sip water and then I'd fill up my hat and pour the water over my head. It helped slightly, but only temporarily (mental note, next time add ice to the Camelbak!). I was also zig-zagging from one side of the road to the other any time there was an opportunity to run in the shade, which helps a little as well.

By the time I hit the hour and ten minute mark, the sun was really drilling me and the tattoo on my left shoulder felt like it was being baked into the skin, as though running in a pottery kiln. There was nothing I could do to keep my heart rate below 180 and I knew things were going to go down hill fast unless I could begin to manage my heart rate. Rather than pushing on like a true idiot/egomaniac, I began doing intervals of running and power walking and throwing more water on myself every few minutes. I continued doing this for the next ten minutes and began feeling improvement and was able to run the last 10 minutes home. I arrived at almost exactly 90 minutes, and felt a little pleased about my effort.

Once I arrived home, I cooled down by dousing myself with water from the garden hose and then a cool shower and some hydration.

On the one hand, going for a 90 minute run today, at peak heat, was pretty darn stupid and I would probably kick any of my clients/Test Pilots butts for doing such a thing. And my ego was a little bummed about having to walk part of the course. On the other hand, I felt great that I had not bailed on my workout (No Excuses), I had made the 90 minute mark, and I had listened to my body and it's needs. The big deal here is to truly know yourself and to have plenty of experience before doing a fool thing like I just did. You also need to have an emergency plan (had my cell phone with me) and you need to know all the warning signs for heat related illness and to NEVER ignore them or be in denial, that will only get you seriously hurt or killed.

Eating More Humble Pie --
Later this evening, when we returned from church I caught the last 10 miles of the men's Olympic marathon. They were running in temps of the high 80's and still set a new Olympic record. And here I was getting my butt handed to me on a 90 minute run! Though I did feel a little better when the announcer said that 1) the winner was only 21 (I'm 40). 2) The winner is only 5'4" (I'm 5'10") 3) And the winner only weighs 112 pounds! (I currently weigh 195). So comparing myself to him, I'm an old guy 6 inches taller and wearing a winter parka : -)

Thanks for reading.


Friday, August 22, 2008

Day 26

I took today as a recovery day in preparation for a long run tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll go solo (without Christian); the plan is to play the edge a little and see how long I am capable of running. Notice I said "how long", not "how far". At this point in my training, I'm not too concerned with mileage and I find that emphasizing mileage can lead to attachments and can distort much of one's training.

Wish me luck!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day 25

I really don't have a whole heck-of-a-lot to share tonight, though it looks like a few of the test pilots do. How 'bout visiting their blogs tonight and I'll have more to post tomorrow? I'm working up a couple items that I've been promising the past few days. Tomorrow's a day off, so I'll be rearing to post tomorrow.

Check out how the Johansen's are rockin' the Project in Scotland!

Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Day 24

A great Project filled with amazing moments, grace, blessings and fitness --exactly how a "No Excuses" life should feel.

More fun stuff coming at you tomorrow and Friday. Thanks for stopping by, and yes there will be some more pics coming, but not of me and the family this time. Plus, Project Test Pilot updates....finally!

In Peace,

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 23

Today was one of those 3-shower days. #1 was after the early morning run. #2 was after finishing a little home project -- stain/seal the back deck. #3 was after getting home from yoga tonight, I decided to join in the fun and worked up quite a sweat.

Maybe we should start a list -
You know you are in the BTWG Project if/when:
1) You take multiple showers every day...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Day 22

I have nothing to add to today's post, as I've posted enough for today. I will share that today was an amazing Strength and Toning Session followed by a 20 minute yoga flow; playing at the park with Christian, preparing dinner, attending to Project duties, and more.

One more thing, well actually two. Two new blogs to the BTWG blog list: -- Jen Johansen's blog, which she launched at the start of the Project and has recently updated. -- Jana LeBreque's blog, which she launched today.

Check 'em out and be sure to leave a comment now and then.

In Peace,

Rural Adventure

Here is a little "photo journey" of one of the runs I did when I was visiting my family. Unfortunately, my camera battery went dead before I could finish the run and share a few other gems along the way. Hope you enjoy a little glimpse into my "Rural Adventure", as Chris Chambers calls them.


This is the view from my parents home, looking down the lane. It's a 1/4 mile from here to the corner. The entire length is right at 1/2 mile. Yes, it's uphill both ways, and yes it sucked when we had to walk to/from the bus in the rain or in the winter : -) Fortunately that didn't happen too often

I wanted to capture a shot of what it's like running between fields of corn. At this stage, it's roughly 10-12 feet high. I think it's cool, those not used to it feel claustrophobic... like Jody! : -)

Still in the lane, here is the other hill to get to the end, so you can see, it really is uphill both ways!

I took this shot from the end of the lane. Off in the distance is where I'm heading the top of the next hill

Getting closer to the top. Plenty of cars on this early morning run, many whizzed by at high speed and within arms reach of me. Kinda how it is in the rural areas, I'm used to it though. You just gotta be on your mindfulness game
This is a shot I took of our neighbors home and the cow chillin' out in the pasture. I felt this kind of summarized the pace of life back home.

Finally, at the top. This is a view looking back towards the hilltop that I just came from

And finally making my way back home. The driveway is about 3/4 of the way up the hill

It was an amazing run and I cherished every moment of the journey.

Thanks for joining me!



Sunday, August 17, 2008

Day 21

Christian, our 2 year old, isn't one for watching much t.v., which is great. On occasion he might sit and watch a kids program, but shortly he's up and into something more interesting. So today, I turned on the boob-tube to check out some Olympic action and much to my glee, the men's 10,000 meter run was starting. And much to my amazement and more glee, Christian saw it and sat down on the floor with me... and watched the whole race! He was so excited by watching them run and he kept going on about how fast they were. Several times he talked about how they were running just like him and dad. How cool is that? During the commercial breaks, he impatiently wanted to know when it was going to be back on. A proud father moment? You bet...

I know not all of you are parents out there, yet each of you are a role model for someone in your "scope of influence". So, what are you modeling to those around you? Especially you parents, teachers, mentors, what are you displaying to those around you? Are you showing your temper? Are you showing your stress? Are you showing your fears? Are you showing your crappy eating habits, or your drinking and drugs? Are you showing your anger, sadness, depression, despair, or drama? Or, are you showing your fit and healthy lifestyle choices? Are you modeling an active lifestyle that involves movement, activity, and exercise? Are you teaching a higher way of eating? Are you showing compassion and love towards yourself and those around you?

Believe me, I screw up all the time. I know I screwed up big time with our older children. Yet, if we do our best and trust that by making the effort and by making the tough choices we are demonstrating a better way for our future generation. Now that is reincarnation! Your legacy is what you leave behind and you can make a difference. Just like with Christian, who at the age of two gets switched on my watching a bunch of guys running their butts off around a track.

You are being watched, moment by moment and not just by Big Brother...


No Excuses!

I came across the below comic in my files; I had posted it on my old blog a couple years ago. Still love it, still rings true today. So, what's your excuse? If you are ready to truly embrace a life of health, fitness, and well-being, be sure to apply for the next round of "Project: Bridging the Wellness Gap". Details will be announced and posted shortly after the current group finishes their Project.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Day 20

Twenty days already? How can this be? In most respects the days and the training is really zipping by. I'm enjoying the discipline of my BTWG Project duties, daily posting on this blog and my own training. When things flow with little or no effort, little or no resistance, you know you are tapped into something bigger than yourself and that you are (at least in my mind) right where you are supposed to be. That is exactly how I'm feeling these days. Had I listened to my fears, reservations, ego, or detractors/critics, I would never have discovered this amazing moment.

Tomorrow is my "long" run and I'm looking forward to a new adventure. More to report at that point.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Day 19

Today's run was one of those experiences I live for, when it comes to the physical aspects of training. As Christian and I departed on what was to be a 40'ish minute run I felt like crap. The first few strides were borderline painful, my feet hurt, my hips felt creaky, and I thought I was in for a loooong 40 minutes ahead. Yet, this turned out to be one of those moments where seemingly out of the blue everything shifted; my body became fluid yet strong and I noticed that my breathing rate was hardly elevated. It seemed odd at first. Since getting back into running last fall, nearly all my running sessions have been rather challenging and uncomfortable, so at first I couldn't figure out what was going on. Part of me felt like I should back off and pace myself, but I didn't. Rather, I decided to see where this might go and I picked up my pace until the effort became a little uncomfortable. It became increasingly odd, it was as if the jogging stroller was rolling away from me and even on the slight inclines, I felt like I was chasing the darn thing! The last couple miles I just accepted what I was experiencing and enjoying the moment of effortless effort. When I finished my route, I hit the "stop" button on my watch and was amazed that it read "32:00". Nearly 10 minutes faster than what it usually takes me to complete the loop!

After almost 10 months of continuous effort, today I finally felt like a runner. All those nights of running through the freezing rain last winter were worth it. All those days of running in the heat and humidity of the day were worth it. I felt home again.

I have been at this game long enough to know that my next run may not feel any where near as fantastic as today's, it was a gift. Yet I also know that by remaining diligent, there will be other moments and experiences as serene as today and beyond...

Here's to you finding a similar moment in your workout and in your life.

In Peace,

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Day 18

Hey Everyone,

Tonight I'll just pass along an interesting article that Test Pilot Jana LaBrecque sent to me. Enjoy! Thanks Jana.

Also, beginning tomorrow I'll be back up to speed and will have some pictures of my recent trip home, which I'll share here. Until then please say your prayers -- I have an important meeting tomorrow which could help bring the Project to a larger audience. Thanks!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Day 17

All things that count are worth waiting for...
Like today's run. Though I chose to forgo yesterday's session and instead just be present for my family, it was more than compensated by today's run. A beautiful morning run which began on my family's farm, accompanied by smells of sweet corn, morning dew, and alfalfa fields. This was truly a "Rural Adventure", as Test Pilot Chris Chambers calls 'em.

I had the opportunity to run some decent hills, which seemed like mountains when I was a kid riding my bike up and down our road, and a chance to run some familiar turf that I hadn't stepped foot on in nearly a decade.

Who says, "you can never go home"? What a load of crap.

What a Blessing it was. I'll share some pictures as soon as I have them downloaded. Thanks for visiting...


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day 16

Selfless Service.

That was what today was about, and that is what my training consisted of, that was my practice today. No "Project: Tip of the Day". No emails. And no "physical" training. As much as my ego was aching to go for a run on our family farm, to feel the sacred earth beneath my feet, it wasn't going to happen. Or, in order to make it happen, it would come at a cost greater than the value of the run.

There is a difference between living a "No Excuses" life, and a life that is too rigid and uncompromising. In Asian philosophy, there is an often used analogy which states that during a snow storm, the mighty oak tree stands tall and unyielding to the snow as it builds on it's branches. Eventually, a branch of the tree might snap under the strain of the weight. The branches of the willow, on the other hand, begin to bend under the weight of the snow until the snow gently sluffs off onto the ground. Obviously this is how we should approach the "weight" of life, yet it's also the approach we should take with our training. The challenge is to understand when we are being too rigid and when we are being too soft; to understand when we truly need to yeild and when we are making excuses. This is the art and spiritual dimension within our training and our life.

So, tomorrow I am arising waaaay before everyone, lacing up the trail shoes and spending some time communing with body, mind, breath, spirit, God...

In Peace,

Monday, August 11, 2008

Day 15


Thanks for visiting.

Today's training consists of a strength and toning workout, which comes right out of the Project training manual and I'm adding in a little run as well (around 30 - 40 minutes) which will help with recovery and expedite the fat loss I am targeting, and I'll finish with a brief yoga session. I don't recommend "two-a-days" (or in this case three-a-days) for most people, only when it's under the guidance of a trainer/coach and when you know how to manage the workload and refueling process. Plus, I'm getting in the car later tonight to drive to Vincennes for a couple days visit with my family. The run/yoga will make sitting in the car that much more enjoyable.

I'm looking forward to our visit, and I'm also looking forward to some training on the road. There are some great places to go running on the farm where I grew up, it's a sacred place for me. I may snap some pics to share with you. Stay tuned...

p.s. -- did I mention that I have a head ache that I cannot seem to shake, I have much to get done before leaving tonight and I'd like nothing more than to bail on my training today??? No Excuses, I'm off for more training. May you do the same...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Day 14

Hello All,

Today was my "long" run. I think "long run" is such a relative term, for some of us it's a 5 miler, or less. Others, it's 15 miles +. The crazy endurance guy I mentioned on Day 12, Dean Karnazes, says he usually tries to fit in a marathon before breakfast. Ha!!

At any rate, I've been following a suggest mileage chart for "novice" level folks wanting to do a half marathon. It was cool for the first week, then I thought, "since when do I follow conventional training methods??" Following a linear based training program/chart may work for some, it just ain't for me. These approaches to training don't take into account so many factors, including the fact that I practice yoga, meditation and all the inner work that I've done. Even though I'm considered "novice" by many standards, yet in many ways I'm not. My body/mind has no problem adapting to the mileage, yet I wanted to ensure that I wasn't taking on too much too soon. So today I decided to just see what would happen if I went "off the chart" and into some uncharted territory. Well, actually it's charted territory within me, I just haven't been there in running mode for a long time.

Rather than the scheduled 4 mile run, Christian and I left the house with no particular route in mind and I just had the idea we would end up at a park a couple miles from our home. So, off we went with our water bottles, my "Ultimate"-brand hydration pack, his snacks and toys and just headed north.

It felt great to go with no plan and no mileage in mind. I prefer to train for time rather than miles anyway. Training for miles creates too much attachment, pressure, and at the end of the day it's not all that relevant anyway.

We ended up running for around 55 minutes, snaking our way around the side streets of Brownsburg and then spending some time at the park. After which we ran home, an additional 20 minutes of running.

There you have it, our longest run this year, an hour and fifteen minutes. Again, not long for some of you, yet a half hour longer than our previous longest run.

The cool thing is, we could have gone longer were it not dinner time. So, I'm thinking the half marathon is very do-able and I've actually set my sites on something which will really put me to the test, and put my "Project: Bridging the Wellness Gap" to the test. I'll clue you all in very soon.

Thanks for reading.



Saturday, August 9, 2008

Day 13

Hey Guys,

There it is, another "13", as in "Day 13". Today was more or less a "recovery day" for me and I enjoyed my "Free Meal" at dinner tonight. After church, Jody and I took Christian to a drop in day care center and met some friends at one of our fav local restaurants. So, what was my free meal you may ask??? A barbecue-bacon-cheeseburger. And yes, it was money! And yes, I had a beer to go with it! Here's the deal, though -- I only ate about half the burger and only a couple of waffle fries that came with it. In addition, I have stuck to my diet plan over 90% of the time for several weeks. So, a fat laden, high cholesterol, other-wise-off-limits burger really wasn't that big of a deal for me and will have virtually no impact on me, my training, or my energy. That's the beauty of consistently sticking to your plan, you eat properly and craft in an occasional treat or indulgence every now and then; enjoy them free of any guilt and know that tomorrow you are back in the saddle -- like going out for my weekly long run, which I will be doing tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!


p.s. -- In case you are wondering, I'm soooo over the bacon burger. I literally could not tell you how many years it's been since the last time I had a bacon burger, and it would be a safe bet to say I won't have another any time soon.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Day 12

Hey Guys,

If you feel that putting in a couple miles on the road sucks, maybe it's your perception. Do yourself a favor and visit Dean Karnazes web site: I was perusing the bookstore today and came across his most recent book, titled "50/50: Secrets I Learned Running 50 Marathons in 50 Day...". I read his previous book, "Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner", which is a pretty cool book to check out. The dude is an inspiration and may encourage you to change the way you view your running, I know it was a good reminder for me. 13.1 miles ain't so bad...

In Peace,

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Day 11

Sometimes the only thing I like about running is the pain; it's a feeling that I'm intimately familiar with and sometimes it's all I feel when I'm running. It may sound weird to some of you, yet I know there are some of you out there who know exactly what I mean. Some people respond to the discomfort of workout out with attitude, "I don't like this", "this sucks", etc. That's all just part of the game of the mind and the source of our preferences which likes to be comfortable. We learn nothing from comfort.

We can experience pain in daily life, in memories, in workouts, in a multitude of ways in a multitude of intensities. I find that all that really matters is how we respond to pain, it can make you or break you -- you choose.

In Peace,

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day 10

Technically, I've already posted my once per day entry on the BTWG blog, yet I wanted to share a little somethin'-somthing' that relates to my Project.

As mentioned on a previous post, Wednesday is my longest work day and it's sandwiched between two pretty active work days. I know you Mondy thru Friday, 8 - 5'rs probably don't have much sympathy for a schmuck like me who works 4 days a week, but trust me, those 4 days are chalk-full-'o-appointments, training, coaching, blogging, emailing, writing, etc.

As the day draws to a close, I'm feeling deeply fatigued, the kind of fatigue that goes deep into your bones. It's the kind of fatigue I'm accustomed to from a hard day of physical work. The kind of fatigue I felt when I used to work on the farm or in the fields, and when I was in the Coast Guard. The kind of fatigue you feel happy and satisfied about, knowing that you made an honest effort in your day. This is the kind of tired I know and I love. It's the kind of tired that after a sound night of sleep I'm going to wake up ready to rock and roll again tomorrow. This is the kind of tired I want you to experience, which is vastly different from the chronic, degenerative fatigue that plagues so many in our culture. The fatigue that comes from having too many irons in the fire and running around with your hair on fire day in and day out. You know, the kind I mean, the kind of tired you cannot shake and you end up eating like crap and drinking too much coffee to try to make it to the finish line; then you wake up the next day feeling like hell. Or the kind of fatigue you just try to suck it up and forrage ahead until the weekend or that next vacation. That kind of tired just plain sucks!

What separates these two versions of fatigue -- regenerative versus degenerative -- is what goes into producing it and how you respond to what is going on in your life. An empowered, well planned, active life that centers on health, fitness, and well-being offers the former. A life lived without these qualities as the hub results in the latter. You chose...

I could go on, yet that would be counter to me getting adequate sleep tonight (a priority for all BTWG'ers), so I will just say, "thanks for reading" and here is to a healthful version of fatigue.

In Peace,

Ever Happen to You...?

Hey Everyone,

This ever happen to you, you mindlessly eat a pile of chips or cookies without even realizing you were doing it, as though it were an out of body experience? It happens to the best of us and recently one of the Test Pilots "confessed" to having one such experience. Below is what I shared with her (with a couple additions) in hopes that it may be of some value to all of you:

"Thanks for the 'confession' and I hope your conscious is totally clear. No worries. Isn't it interesting, the connection between our body, mind, emotions, spirit? How we can go into an "eating trance" as you called it and eat a whole bag of (fill in the blank). Then, when we snap-to, we feel like it was a different person doing the eating but we are the ones left with the consequences. Personally, I don't have challenges with "eating trances", what was always my challenge was the great-white-shark-feeding-frenzy(s) where I would start with a taste of (fill in the blank), then I'd proceed to mindlessly devour my bodyweight in whatever it was I was eating as though I had no control over what I was doing. It was like being controlled by a primal urge or something.

Over the past several months, I can honestly say that I haven't had one of these experiences and haven't even had the notion to do so. I think that by and large it's related to the "No Excuses" aspect of the Project, the fact that I feel so much better (mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually), I feel satisfied and fulfilled in every way so I'm never eating mindlessly or eating to fill a void. Does that make sense?"

The above Test Pilots experience and mine (old ways) are both closely tied to addictive and binging behavior which is rooted in fear, suffering/dis-satisfaction, or some level of feeling empty. An occasional, or rare episode like this is not a big deal, it's when it is a frequent event that it becomes a big deal. Either way, when it occurs, it is a golden opportunity to examine what we are feeling in that moment and perhaps begin to understand why we are doing it.

When we find what we are really looking for and we take the steps to get us where we want to be, these sorts of tendencies begin to sluff off, effortlessly, like a snake shedding it's old skin.

May this be of help to you.

In Peace,

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Newest BTWG Blog

Please check out the newest addition to the BTWG blogs, hosted by Carrie Russell. I love the blog address, speaks for itself -- I asked her what she was going to do in a couple months when she falls head over heels in love with running....

Please bookmark her blog and check it often, and be sure to add "comments" now and again.

Day 9


Leading class at Cityoga was a sweaty mess of fun tonight. We had what Rob Johansen refers to as "an away game". With all the rain the main studio was having "issues", so we were in the annex. Sam must have cranked the heat well before we arrived, combined with all the moisture it made for a humid slip-n-slide session. I did a big chunk of the class along with the students, though I have to start exercising more discipline and stop doing so much of the classes. Participation, from an instructors perspective, isn't always a sound idea: you don't always "warm up" appropriately, your in poses, your outta poses, you do one side not the other, you do your own practice on top of what you are doing in your classes (if you are worth your weight in salt), etc. All this can lead to burn out, fatigue, overtraining, injuries, energetic ups and downs, just to name a few. I'm always a little leery of instructors who stay on their mat the entire class and do all, or almost all of their classes, all of the time. Yet, that is a different post.

The challenge for me is that since getting dialed in on my own Project experience, I have an abundance of vitality, my body/mind feels great, I've shifted to another level in my yoga asana practice, and it's easy to want to join in the fun. So my intention is to get back to "talk teaching" on my Tuesday and Wednesday evening classes... well, at least I'll cut back...

Today's training mainly consisted of a run when I got home from leading the yoga class. It was awesome on a couple of fronts, the humidity was way low, the temps were great, I was still in the flow from yoga, AND while I brought Christian along in our new running stroller, Jody rode the bike and joined us. So, like I said, awesome on multiple fronts.

Tomorrow is another marathon Wednesday, though I am looking forward to some AT Intervals in bootcamp!

Thanks for stopping by...


Monday, August 4, 2008

Day 8

Hello Everyone,

Day 8 was a blast with an intense strength and toning session and a few other activities/assignments. The workout I did earlier today was pulled right out of the pages of the "Project: Bridging the Wellness Gap" Level 2 manual. As I've already mentioned, everything I'm doing to prepare for the Indy Half Marathon is exactly what I am presenting in the Project. The only thing I am tweaking is the running mileage.

Some recent feedback or questions have come my way regarding how I am able do everything I am doing/being these days and still maintain a decent level of quality and "service" and make progress in my own training. First, I'd say "thank you". And second, I'd have to acknowledge that many of you are doing/being far more than I am and probably doing a better job of it. And finally I have to say it's because I am super-motivated and inspired by the Project and I've found that with some creativity and dropping all the excuses, I've been able to do/be far more than I ever thought possible.

Here are a few things that I find helpful:
  • Practice what I preach = consistency in my training is key and I make it a priority, even if it means getting to bed earlier and getting up earlier (which isn't my "nature" or what my ego prefers)
  • No Excuses = I've said it from the beginning of the Project, I mean it, and I'm doing my best to live it
  • Planning = I've written about this extensively in the "Project: Tip of the Day" and on the blogs. Without a plan that you follow as close as you can, you cannot make the kind of progress you envision
  • Average amount of t.v. I watch each week = less than 2 hours. I watch "Miami Ink" every Thursday that it's on (sorry, I'm a fan). Other than that, I may watch a program with Christian, or an occasional program or video. They don't call it the "boob tube" or the "idiot box" for nothing. T.V. is a huge waste of time, if you don't have time to waste
  • Average amount of time I spend on the internet for things not work or Project related = less than 1. Again, a huge waste of time, if you don't have time to waste.
  • Proper diet = eating properly has given me an abundance of energy to where I feel great with around 7 hours of sleep per night. I used to need more sleep, require naps and I still felt run-down and lacked energy. Not anymore!
  • Spiritual practice = This is perhaps the biggest key, for me. Since moving to the 'burbs, we just had not found a church that resonated with us and offered a Saturday service. Jody and I recently joined a church near our home that has been amazing for us. It's been a huge boost for me mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. More on this later, perhaps.
I seriously don't think I'm doing anything special; unique perhaps, but not special. That's because I know ANYONE can do what I am doing and far, far more if they want to.

Thanks for asking. Thanks for reading.

Now, off for devotions, meditation, and bed.

In Peace,

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Day 7

Hey Guys,

So, Day 7 is coming to a close soon, and I'd have to say I'm still batting a thousand. Yet, as I said earlier in the week, following a plan isn't too tough for a few days, it's what happens further down the road that really counts. Not to diminish what I've done over the past week, especially while maintaining my regualr schedule and traveling to visit my daughter and her new family, I feel pretty good with my progress thus far.

Todays "long run" was fun and challenging. Christian and I took out the new wheels for a 40 minute run, the challenge was the heat/humidity (not much one can do about that, and I hear it's gonna be even more intense tomorrow). Also, as my mileage increases it's becoming increasingly more challenging to find safe routes that keep us off busy streets and can offer sidewalk access where needed.

Week 1 is a wrap, I let it go, trusting that what I experienced was exactly what I was supposed to experience. I embrace tomorrow with an empty cup and no expectations.

To close for tonight, I want to direct your attention over to the right column of this blog. See it over there--------------->>>>>>
I've added "Links" and the first one posted is for my online forum. If you have yet to visit, please take a look when you can. You can be a spectator and just read what is posted, or if you want, you can become a registered user (easy to do) and post your own topics or respond to topics already posted. It's kinda slow, for now, yet what is posted is pretty cool. I would love to have you join in the fun.

In Peace,

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Day 6

Hey Guys,

Last night was pretty much "Sleepless In Brownsburg" as we were getting text message updates on Chelsy's progress about every 1/2 hour, or hour. Karis finally arrived just after 4am and it was around 6am before I finished texting and all the phone calls, etc. I decided to go back to bed for an hour then up to lead a yoga class at Cityoga and host a "Project: Bridging the Wellness Gap" meeting with the Test Pilots in attendance.

Today was another marathon, of sorts, but mainly because of a lack of sleep. Yet, I could feel my current training and diet paying off, big time, as I had the stamina to make another trip back down to Jasper this afternoon -- with Jody and Christian. It was a wonderful day and I'll have more to share soon (probably on my other blog, and some pics to post as well.

My only "physical training" today consisted of doing a big chunk of this mornings yoga session. Aside from that, it was all mindfulness, being present, sharing time with my ever-growing family, and enjoying the Love-fest. Now it's off for Devotions, Meditation, and some much needed sleep. Tomorrow is a "long" run. Long for me, maybe not so long for you.

Thanks for your thoughts, prayers, and the "applause" at today's yoga class : -) Your support and love are eternally appreciated.

In (deep sleep) Peace,

Friday, August 1, 2008

Day 5


Today was a planned recovery day, so I had no "formal" training assigned. Today was also the day that my daughter, Chelsy, was scheduled to have her labor induced since she has gone past her due date. Jody, Dylan, Christian and I made the 3 hour trek to Jasper, Indiana. It was a great day, unfortunately Karis (pronounced like Paris and means Grace in Greek and Love in Welsh) is doing things in her own time and as of this post has not yet arrived. We decided to come back to Indy and go back on Tuesday to visit.

Along with being there for my daughter and visiting with my family, one of the best things about the trip was spending 6 hours in the car with Jody. With our schedules and all that we have going on, much of your time is fragmented or bullet-point-like; moments with great quality, yet never enough quantity for us. So, I was grateful for the time we had and the great conversations we shared.

I felt today was an excellent example of living one's Project, fully, with No Excuses. I planned ahead, completed all my training ahead of time in case we ended up going to Jasper. Yes, Test Pilots, I opted to use my "Free Meal" after all and it was sooooo worth it. More on that later. And, even though technically it's Day 6 (it's after midnight), I still consider it Day 5 and didn't miss my commitment to my daily blog post.

Now, off for devotions and bed. Hope to see you at yoga in a few hours.

Peace and Love,