Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day 9


Leading class at Cityoga was a sweaty mess of fun tonight. We had what Rob Johansen refers to as "an away game". With all the rain the main studio was having "issues", so we were in the annex. Sam must have cranked the heat well before we arrived, combined with all the moisture it made for a humid slip-n-slide session. I did a big chunk of the class along with the students, though I have to start exercising more discipline and stop doing so much of the classes. Participation, from an instructors perspective, isn't always a sound idea: you don't always "warm up" appropriately, your in poses, your outta poses, you do one side not the other, you do your own practice on top of what you are doing in your classes (if you are worth your weight in salt), etc. All this can lead to burn out, fatigue, overtraining, injuries, energetic ups and downs, just to name a few. I'm always a little leery of instructors who stay on their mat the entire class and do all, or almost all of their classes, all of the time. Yet, that is a different post.

The challenge for me is that since getting dialed in on my own Project experience, I have an abundance of vitality, my body/mind feels great, I've shifted to another level in my yoga asana practice, and it's easy to want to join in the fun. So my intention is to get back to "talk teaching" on my Tuesday and Wednesday evening classes... well, at least I'll cut back...

Today's training mainly consisted of a run when I got home from leading the yoga class. It was awesome on a couple of fronts, the humidity was way low, the temps were great, I was still in the flow from yoga, AND while I brought Christian along in our new running stroller, Jody rode the bike and joined us. So, like I said, awesome on multiple fronts.

Tomorrow is another marathon Wednesday, though I am looking forward to some AT Intervals in bootcamp!

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