Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day 10

Technically, I've already posted my once per day entry on the BTWG blog, yet I wanted to share a little somethin'-somthing' that relates to my Project.

As mentioned on a previous post, Wednesday is my longest work day and it's sandwiched between two pretty active work days. I know you Mondy thru Friday, 8 - 5'rs probably don't have much sympathy for a schmuck like me who works 4 days a week, but trust me, those 4 days are chalk-full-'o-appointments, training, coaching, blogging, emailing, writing, etc.

As the day draws to a close, I'm feeling deeply fatigued, the kind of fatigue that goes deep into your bones. It's the kind of fatigue I'm accustomed to from a hard day of physical work. The kind of fatigue I felt when I used to work on the farm or in the fields, and when I was in the Coast Guard. The kind of fatigue you feel happy and satisfied about, knowing that you made an honest effort in your day. This is the kind of tired I know and I love. It's the kind of tired that after a sound night of sleep I'm going to wake up ready to rock and roll again tomorrow. This is the kind of tired I want you to experience, which is vastly different from the chronic, degenerative fatigue that plagues so many in our culture. The fatigue that comes from having too many irons in the fire and running around with your hair on fire day in and day out. You know, the kind I mean, the kind of tired you cannot shake and you end up eating like crap and drinking too much coffee to try to make it to the finish line; then you wake up the next day feeling like hell. Or the kind of fatigue you just try to suck it up and forrage ahead until the weekend or that next vacation. That kind of tired just plain sucks!

What separates these two versions of fatigue -- regenerative versus degenerative -- is what goes into producing it and how you respond to what is going on in your life. An empowered, well planned, active life that centers on health, fitness, and well-being offers the former. A life lived without these qualities as the hub results in the latter. You chose...

I could go on, yet that would be counter to me getting adequate sleep tonight (a priority for all BTWG'ers), so I will just say, "thanks for reading" and here is to a healthful version of fatigue.

In Peace,

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