Sunday, August 17, 2008

Day 21

Christian, our 2 year old, isn't one for watching much t.v., which is great. On occasion he might sit and watch a kids program, but shortly he's up and into something more interesting. So today, I turned on the boob-tube to check out some Olympic action and much to my glee, the men's 10,000 meter run was starting. And much to my amazement and more glee, Christian saw it and sat down on the floor with me... and watched the whole race! He was so excited by watching them run and he kept going on about how fast they were. Several times he talked about how they were running just like him and dad. How cool is that? During the commercial breaks, he impatiently wanted to know when it was going to be back on. A proud father moment? You bet...

I know not all of you are parents out there, yet each of you are a role model for someone in your "scope of influence". So, what are you modeling to those around you? Especially you parents, teachers, mentors, what are you displaying to those around you? Are you showing your temper? Are you showing your stress? Are you showing your fears? Are you showing your crappy eating habits, or your drinking and drugs? Are you showing your anger, sadness, depression, despair, or drama? Or, are you showing your fit and healthy lifestyle choices? Are you modeling an active lifestyle that involves movement, activity, and exercise? Are you teaching a higher way of eating? Are you showing compassion and love towards yourself and those around you?

Believe me, I screw up all the time. I know I screwed up big time with our older children. Yet, if we do our best and trust that by making the effort and by making the tough choices we are demonstrating a better way for our future generation. Now that is reincarnation! Your legacy is what you leave behind and you can make a difference. Just like with Christian, who at the age of two gets switched on my watching a bunch of guys running their butts off around a track.

You are being watched, moment by moment and not just by Big Brother...


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