Friday, August 1, 2008

Day 5


Today was a planned recovery day, so I had no "formal" training assigned. Today was also the day that my daughter, Chelsy, was scheduled to have her labor induced since she has gone past her due date. Jody, Dylan, Christian and I made the 3 hour trek to Jasper, Indiana. It was a great day, unfortunately Karis (pronounced like Paris and means Grace in Greek and Love in Welsh) is doing things in her own time and as of this post has not yet arrived. We decided to come back to Indy and go back on Tuesday to visit.

Along with being there for my daughter and visiting with my family, one of the best things about the trip was spending 6 hours in the car with Jody. With our schedules and all that we have going on, much of your time is fragmented or bullet-point-like; moments with great quality, yet never enough quantity for us. So, I was grateful for the time we had and the great conversations we shared.

I felt today was an excellent example of living one's Project, fully, with No Excuses. I planned ahead, completed all my training ahead of time in case we ended up going to Jasper. Yes, Test Pilots, I opted to use my "Free Meal" after all and it was sooooo worth it. More on that later. And, even though technically it's Day 6 (it's after midnight), I still consider it Day 5 and didn't miss my commitment to my daily blog post.

Now, off for devotions and bed. Hope to see you at yoga in a few hours.

Peace and Love,

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