Thursday, April 30, 2009

Playing for Change

After you check out the video below, log on to Be sure to visit the link "episodes" to see all the current videos. While it might not be so macho to admit, the episode for "One Love" got me a little misty-eyed. Stunning stuff...

Thanks, Alison, for sharing this with me.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

BTWG Tech/Workout Shirts

Get in on the BTWG gear!

I am in the process of having some new BTWG shirts printed up. Below is a "mock up". The finished product will look similar, yet the men's will be printed on sleeveless shirts that are made of a wicking/performance fabric; the women's are also on a wicking/performance fabric, yet they are on more of a tank top shirt (sleeveless, more open neck). Both styles will be in white with black lettering. The front reads, "BTWG", with "It's a Lifestyle" below it. The back reads, "No Excuses" with the web address below it. The current price of each shirt is $35, though that may be reduced if more orders are placed.

If you are interested, please let me know by Thursday of this week, as I am placing the initial order Friday morning. If you cannot contact me by Thursday, that is fine, I can still order you a shirt at a later date; I will probably have a few extras printed up so I might be able to hook you up with one of those.

All payments can be either mailed to me (contact me for address), or when you see me at Cityoga, etc.

Don't miss out on looking like a total bad-ass at the gym, on your next run, or just hanging out : ) Help spread the BTWG word and support the cause!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Do something "green" today: pick up a piece of trash, plant a tree, start your recycling program at home and/or work, start switching to florescent bulbs, join a local group that supports environmental concerns, etc. Be creative and get involved. Just don't let me catch you on the evening news strapped to a tree that you want to save from a chain saw, or riding around in a rubber boat in the Atlantic trying to stop a whaling ship, or nude in a PETA ad! Do that and I'll totally act like I don't know you!

Don't know how to celebrate Earth Day? Here you go: Gotta love google...


Friday, April 17, 2009

First Fitness Evaluation Completed

Hey Gang,

Yesterday, I did Pam's final fitness test. This is the first test I've done with the recent group of Project Grad's, with the rest taking place this Sunday. So, how did it go? You decide:
Resting Heart Rate: Down 7 beats per minute
1 Mile Walk/Run Test: Improved time by 5 minutes
Abdominal Crunch Test: Increased from 18 at the initial test to 41 completed yesterday
Modified Push Up Test: Double her max - 9 at the initial test, 18 yesterday
Flexibility (sit and reach test) - improved by 2.5 inches
Body Fat Percentage: Down 6%
Total Fat Lost: 15 pounds
Lean Body Mass: Increased by 1.5 pounds
Total Inches Lost (arms, chest, waist, hips, thighs): 12"

These are all excellent results and reflect Pam's consistency and efforts. Great accomplishments that were obtained in just 12 weeks. Nothing extreme, nothing gimmicky - just effort, training, mindfulness, and consistency. Way to go Pam "The Blam"!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Progress Reports a Comin'

A huge congratulations to all who recently graduated from BTWG! This Sunday, we are conducting the final fitness testing. Once the testing is complete and I have an opportunity to crunch some of the numbers, I will share more details and inspiring stories. In the meantime, I've had several heart-felt emails coming in from the Project Grads. Below is one such email.

Often, I feel like I have the greatest "job" on the planet. Getting emails like this makes my work incredibly rewarding and humbling.



Hey Chris,
Here are a few of my thoughts on the final stage of the Project.
For me, it has been a success in terms of measurable things -- pounds lost, strength gained, habits changed. Those are all easily quantifiable changes which will show up when we do the final testing. It's easy to get caught in the trap of looking hard for those measurable changes, to the detriment of less obvious benefits. For most of my life my happiness with my physical self was based on how much I weighed or what size clothing I wore. I can't say that I've eliminated that baggage from my psyche, but at least it is tucked into a smaller corner of my mind.
Getting back in the exercise habit was made easier during the Project due to the shorter workout times. I used to feel that if I couldn't work out for an hour I shouldn't even bother. Duh. The workouts fit very well into my extremely busy lifestyle and of course I intend to continue them.
All of this progress would have been impossible without your gentle coaching and advice. I know I'm not the most communicative person -- I'm the observer -- but I have read all of your newsletters and emails and taken a great deal of support from them. I appreciate your coaching style because it is based on building trust rather than drill-sergeant barking. That whole "no pain no gain!!!" barking in people's faces makes me run away. In my mind, the best leaders are those who lead by example, as you do, and inspire people to take chances rather than incite behavior by threats and fear. People will do things based on fear of punishment, but it doesn't lead to a good spiritual outcome.
This 12 weeks was just the beginning for me. I think I've gotten myself back to a minimum level of fitness, so I will continue on the Project until I reach whatever level seems to be my best. When I turn 50 in September, I expect to be in even better shape, physically and mentally.
Thank you, as always, for your kind and patient encouragement. I bow to you.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Warning: If you are easily offended don't watch the videos. Viewer discretion is advised. Any other warning you can think of? Add it here...

The first video was rejected by NBC from being aired at last years Superbowl and as far as I know, it never made the airwaves on any network. The commercial is from the organization PETA. The second video is currently airing on TV and I've seen it on different networks; it's a Hardee's ad. So, what's up with that? Why is one okay, the other not? Interesting world we live in...

Monday, April 6, 2009

What Race Am I Doing?

Well, I could explain it, but I think the information on their web site says it all. Check it out below. The first video is an interview with the race director and the second video is specifically about the race I've signed up for; I'm doing the 50K event. This will be my first foray into Ultrarunning. While some ultrarunners might consider a 50K hardly an ultrarun and that it's not a real ultra until you crack the 50 mile distance, Dances with Dirt Gnaw Bone isn't your average 50K - lots of gnarly terrain, hills, water, mud, more hills, oh, and more hills.

After checking out this race, I couldn't resist signing up!

Here's some of the text from their site (

"Welcome to the dark side of running.

Weak, wimpy, treadmill running pansies who are afraid to get some dirt in their shorts need not apply.

Expect to be scratched, muddied and bruised by the beauty of this unpolished gem.

Expect to get out near the edge where life is full color.

Expect a day that leaves you knowing you are fully alive, awake and crankin' on all cylinders.

Expect insanity, stupidity and nirvana.

Ultra Course

Gnaw Bone, Indiana: This here course might just kill ya. The hills don't end, and because it's never been ran, we guarantee shock and awe!

As always, the course keeps a changin’. Due to your comments and suggestions, we continue to polish this diamond in the rough. Lots of it will be similar but as usual, somehow harder!

General DWD Course Information: The footing (What footing?) is rocky, muddy (a few river crossings) and loose in places. The trail is not maintained (non-existent) in some areas. We love this stuff and hope you do too. ILK RULES! Bring on the ILK! ILK me! Is the trail as tough as advertised? Yes and No. It’s no run down a nature trail (but at times it is just that), you will get wet and muddy. You won’t get swept down stream in any whitewater. Some big hills but no supplemental oxygen is needed. Our descriptions are a disclaimer. All in all, a great run in a beautiful environment...with stupid spots.

By the way....when you're out on the trail and you see a sign that says "Wrong Way Moron"...don't go that way (moron)!

Friday, April 3, 2009

"Kettlebells, Get 'Yer Kettlebells Here!"

Since posting about the kettlebells, and everyone seeing Joe stylin' with one out in Vegas, I've had several inquires as to where you can purchase your very own kettlebell. While you could pick one up at Target or Dicks, or, I'd do yourself a favor and purchase one from "Body Change" (, which is located at 10th and Country Club (8336 W. 10th Street) here in Indy.

Not all kettlebells are created equal, they vary in quality, balance, weight (some can be off as much as 5 pounds!), coating, and where they are made. Jim, the owner of Body Change, has been working with kettlebells for several years and after getting fed up with the sub-standard quality of most kettlebells out there (plus the fact that most are made in China), he approached an iron foundry in Terre Haute (where he is based) and had his own molds designed and now has his own kettlebells cast to his standards. The Body Change bells are locally made, super-high quality and priced compatibly with the stuff you find in the big box stores, and there is no shipping charge.

Additionally, Jim takes all the time needed to make sure you are selecting the size of bell that is right for you and he is available for private lessons to ensure you are getting started off correctly. If you are new to kettlebells, I highly recommend either hiring Jim or myself to show you the basics. If you ask another trainer, just be sure they have been properly trained (watching YouTube videos doesn't count) because these things are not like any thing else out there and, if used incorrectly, can result is serious injury. Let me know if you have questions.

On a side note - the kettlebells pictured on the Body Change web site are painted various colors, the ones he sells are actually all black and are designed off the classic, kettlebell standards.