Friday, April 17, 2009

First Fitness Evaluation Completed

Hey Gang,

Yesterday, I did Pam's final fitness test. This is the first test I've done with the recent group of Project Grad's, with the rest taking place this Sunday. So, how did it go? You decide:
Resting Heart Rate: Down 7 beats per minute
1 Mile Walk/Run Test: Improved time by 5 minutes
Abdominal Crunch Test: Increased from 18 at the initial test to 41 completed yesterday
Modified Push Up Test: Double her max - 9 at the initial test, 18 yesterday
Flexibility (sit and reach test) - improved by 2.5 inches
Body Fat Percentage: Down 6%
Total Fat Lost: 15 pounds
Lean Body Mass: Increased by 1.5 pounds
Total Inches Lost (arms, chest, waist, hips, thighs): 12"

These are all excellent results and reflect Pam's consistency and efforts. Great accomplishments that were obtained in just 12 weeks. Nothing extreme, nothing gimmicky - just effort, training, mindfulness, and consistency. Way to go Pam "The Blam"!



ProMotion at Klipsch Fitness said...

Pam the BLAM!! You rock, darlin'!! Man, I'm super-impressed - WAY TO GO!

john s.

Sherri said...


Ginger said...

Good Going Pam! This is just the beginning! I am so proud of you !
Keep on Blammin