Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Progress Reports a Comin'

A huge congratulations to all who recently graduated from BTWG! This Sunday, we are conducting the final fitness testing. Once the testing is complete and I have an opportunity to crunch some of the numbers, I will share more details and inspiring stories. In the meantime, I've had several heart-felt emails coming in from the Project Grads. Below is one such email.

Often, I feel like I have the greatest "job" on the planet. Getting emails like this makes my work incredibly rewarding and humbling.



Hey Chris,
Here are a few of my thoughts on the final stage of the Project.
For me, it has been a success in terms of measurable things -- pounds lost, strength gained, habits changed. Those are all easily quantifiable changes which will show up when we do the final testing. It's easy to get caught in the trap of looking hard for those measurable changes, to the detriment of less obvious benefits. For most of my life my happiness with my physical self was based on how much I weighed or what size clothing I wore. I can't say that I've eliminated that baggage from my psyche, but at least it is tucked into a smaller corner of my mind.
Getting back in the exercise habit was made easier during the Project due to the shorter workout times. I used to feel that if I couldn't work out for an hour I shouldn't even bother. Duh. The workouts fit very well into my extremely busy lifestyle and of course I intend to continue them.
All of this progress would have been impossible without your gentle coaching and advice. I know I'm not the most communicative person -- I'm the observer -- but I have read all of your newsletters and emails and taken a great deal of support from them. I appreciate your coaching style because it is based on building trust rather than drill-sergeant barking. That whole "no pain no gain!!!" barking in people's faces makes me run away. In my mind, the best leaders are those who lead by example, as you do, and inspire people to take chances rather than incite behavior by threats and fear. People will do things based on fear of punishment, but it doesn't lead to a good spiritual outcome.
This 12 weeks was just the beginning for me. I think I've gotten myself back to a minimum level of fitness, so I will continue on the Project until I reach whatever level seems to be my best. When I turn 50 in September, I expect to be in even better shape, physically and mentally.
Thank you, as always, for your kind and patient encouragement. I bow to you.

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