Friday, April 3, 2009

"Kettlebells, Get 'Yer Kettlebells Here!"

Since posting about the kettlebells, and everyone seeing Joe stylin' with one out in Vegas, I've had several inquires as to where you can purchase your very own kettlebell. While you could pick one up at Target or Dicks, or, I'd do yourself a favor and purchase one from "Body Change" (, which is located at 10th and Country Club (8336 W. 10th Street) here in Indy.

Not all kettlebells are created equal, they vary in quality, balance, weight (some can be off as much as 5 pounds!), coating, and where they are made. Jim, the owner of Body Change, has been working with kettlebells for several years and after getting fed up with the sub-standard quality of most kettlebells out there (plus the fact that most are made in China), he approached an iron foundry in Terre Haute (where he is based) and had his own molds designed and now has his own kettlebells cast to his standards. The Body Change bells are locally made, super-high quality and priced compatibly with the stuff you find in the big box stores, and there is no shipping charge.

Additionally, Jim takes all the time needed to make sure you are selecting the size of bell that is right for you and he is available for private lessons to ensure you are getting started off correctly. If you are new to kettlebells, I highly recommend either hiring Jim or myself to show you the basics. If you ask another trainer, just be sure they have been properly trained (watching YouTube videos doesn't count) because these things are not like any thing else out there and, if used incorrectly, can result is serious injury. Let me know if you have questions.

On a side note - the kettlebells pictured on the Body Change web site are painted various colors, the ones he sells are actually all black and are designed off the classic, kettlebell standards.


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Rob Johansen said...

I can vouche for Kettlebells!! They are AWESOME and can make your workout much more athletic! If Jen and I crank out a kid, I am insisting our home gym has kettlebells. *you see that I am assuming once we have a kid the only time I will be able to workout will be between one and five in the morning!!