Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Recruit Progress

"While I was running on Friday I had somewhat of an Epiphany…..as I have been thinking about “what next” and my desire to stay on this path I began to consider why I am so drawn into this lifestyle. I really find it gratifying to workout at 5:00am and have my day’s meals planned prior to waking up! A few more laps and it came to me that this is the one thing in everyday that I can control and do for myself; as you say “No where else to go, nothing else to do”! Now I know this is not a revelation, but to me on this morning it really was! To establish that I have the ability to control this one hour of my day without outside chatter I felt empowered in a way that I have not experienced. The personal gratification that is returned to me by giving this one hour a day is 'priceless'!" Recruit S.

"Overall, I have am so grateful to you for helping me keep focused. I usually gain weight every winter. This is the first winter, ever, that I have lost fat. I used to really look forward to making brownies and cookies for my kids and now we have replaced that with other healthy things we can make together. All of my cravings for bread and sugar are reduced tremendously." Recruit K

I have enjoyed being in the program and have learned a lot. It may seem I am just sort of hobbling along and not making great strides but I have achieved the results I was hoping for... I now know what to do to stay in shape and keep weight off or loose a little. By my scales I am down 10 lbs. My energy level is up even though I have not maintained the 6 day a week workouts... I am so pleased with my results, I can't even tell you. I am almost back into my clothes and out of the sweats and one-size fits all scrubs. Thanks for everything." - Recruit B

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