Sunday, March 1, 2009

More Progress Reports

"Just a quick note……I am not certain what the catalyst is but I am feeling like the “Incredible Hulk” this week in my workouts!!! Is it the weather, the food, the commitment...I don’t know but the level of energy I have at 5:00 am has been great and enabled me to increase my level of intensity in the workouts across the board! I know the Hulk and I do not compare but the perception keeps me laughing!!!
It was great to get together with everyone yesterday and I really enjoyed the conversation and content of the meeting. It shed some light on a few of the things that happened last week. My perceptions of people and situations began to change and I began to wonder why the “outside” world seemed to be changing….little did I know that it was really the inside of me!! With this knowledge I hope to re-identify with what really is important and discover how I can become a more fulfilled person."

Recruit SK -
While feeling more energized and getting in touch with her "Inner Hulk", SK has also lost nearly 20 pounds in the last 6 weeks and has become quite the runner these days!

Overall, I cannot be more excited about my progress thus far... you have really inspired me. After our meeting today, I now know why. You have total unconditional love for your participants... I know, it takes a lot of courage to talk about spirituality and I really respect you for doing it. So many people want to make it about eating this or that, or this combination, etc.... but you have helped us to realize it is so much more. It is about attachments and not being afraid of giving them up and never have M. (fellow Recruit) or I felt that you have been judgmental at any point. You truly, unconditionally love the people around you and help us get real with what needs to change.
I feel that I am a much better person now, since knowing you. Talk about a high vibration! All that I can say is thank you....thank you...thank you. I am blessed to have met you.
Last thing is - how vital it is for me to be inspired. I realize that I must nurture this in myself. When I went hiking in the Red Rocks, I realized how this has to be a regular thing for me. Maybe some people see this as a luxury, me included, but I have never felt so close to God. We meditated on the mountaintop and felt so free and nourished....I felt so full....I didn't need food. What a gift....better than paying a psychotherapist! So there are my thoughts.... I really want to tell you how grateful I am for your depth of knowledge and especially your profound wisdom.... Recruit DK
The above photo is of DK in Warrior II pose, while on a recent retreat to Red Mountain Spa in Utah. Along with the above experience, DK has also lost over 10 pounds in the last 6 weeks and has reclaimed an active lifestyle.
These are just a couple of wonderful updates I have received this week. There are many more that I intend to share in the upcoming days.

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