Friday, March 27, 2009

Project: Performance Workout

I got this from Rob after a recent foray into one of the strength workouts from "Project: Performance". Enjoy! Want some of this...?

"Dear Sick-Ticket:

You have lost it. Certified Wing-Nut. One to many clean-to-presses.....must've dropped a plate on his yoga-head and it turned into a yogurt-head.......

......KIDDING! That was GREAT! Friggin' crazy......CRAZY....but pretty damn cool and intense.......

Tabatas. We are calling them Taffeta, because that's what we are going to dress in when we do next week's workout. I like that they are calf-raises because by the last two sets you feel like you are lifting a small cow with your legs.

Burpees. Now called Barfees. No explanation needed.

Box-Jumps are now Box-Dumps because I almost pooped myself.

Kettle-Bells are Kettle-Swells, because (unless we did them wrong) they were actually the least crazy of the three exercises in the super-set. I felt it big time, but the swinging motion really helped.

I really dug that. Now I am psyched that we are "off and running".

I was a bit fearful of the overhead squat. I didn't add lots of weight to the bar, only thirty pounds total, plus the bar. Better to get used to it......

Way to go, you nut-job! We loved it.

Talk to you soon....I might come to yoga tomorrow.....




ProMotion at Klipsch Fitness said...

Great update - thanks for letting Coach Chris share it. Good to see you and Jen on the mat today - been awhile since I've attended. Had to scoot right out to get on the road, sorry I didn't get to say a proper hello.
so this will have to suffice:



Anonymous said...


I said I had some things, so here's the time and place! Thanks for the Saturday session, that was completely fantastic. My home practice has me confronting some advanced backbending stuff, and it's an ego-beater (a good one, but a tiring one) so I was in the mood to "live in my strength" after a week of that, you know? And boy howdy did I get that on Saturday morning! Great stuff! That's not the first time that class has "read my mind." See ya next time!