Friday, March 13, 2009

Is "The Biggest Loser" Spying on Me?

For the record, while I have seen a couple episodes of the t.v. show "The Biggest Loser", I do not watch the show. I'm not sure what's up, but it seems like I don't get through a week of training or teaching classes where someone either asks me, or implies that I get my workouts or exercises from the show! Or, someone will say, "oh, yeah, they mentioned that on TBL this week, you must have been watching..." So, earlier this morning I went to the "Designer" Whey Protein Powder web site to look up some nutrition info and what do I see? Designer is now the "official protein powder" of TBL! What the heck? Are these guys spying on me or what? Cuz it sure ain't the other way around. For the record, I started using Designer protein powder back in 1994, within a year of when the company started. It's the only brand of protein powder I have ever endorsed, and it's the protein powder I endorse and recommend for Project: BTGW participants. I'm not sure how many years TBL has been on t.v., but I know it hasn't been on since 1994 : )

I used to get annoyed when asked if I picked up an exercise from TBL, or if I had watched the show and learned something that I was teaching. For me, and my ego, it was sort of an insult. I would think, "Why no, I didn't. I actually went to college, trained with some people who were ahead of the curve. I learned to be creative, innovative, and to think for myself. I research, study all sorts of disciplines including yoga, and refine what I learn and make it my own. I don't glean stuff from a t.v. show! The only thing I learned from watching TBL is that I dig Bob's tats, Jillian scares me, and I wonder if either of them could make it through one of their own workouts" Admittedly, that was a pretty pompous attitude. What can I say? Though I still wonder if they could make it through their own workouts... Nowadays, when someone asks me these questions, I just take it as a compliment. I figure if I believe in what I'm doing, what I'm teaching and the movements I implement with my clients, then if others are doing similar things, it's all good.

Now, if TBL is ever looking for another trainer to pay the big bucks, get book deals, and endorsements, here I am! I mean, you know, since I'm already copying you guys and all that any way - I'd be a perfect fit. Sorry, I couldn't resist...

In Peace,


Cole said...


I have watched the Biggest Loser over several seasons. What has been "entertaining" about the show is the emotional drama of the teammates. That is what makes the story line interesting.

As for the work outs... I have often worried the Jillian and Bob are pushing some very overweight, unhealthy people way too hard. Uh... anyone fearing a heart attack or a broken bone somewhere? If I were the shows attorney, I would be worried.

Rest assured Chris, that it is really clear -- to me anyway -- that you are truly a pro at being a trainer and physical educator. I am amazed almost every Saturday by the yoga poses you move us through and how the foundations of the practice are so grounded.

You know I have taken several of workshops with the National Yoga fitness people over the years at Cityoga and what excites me is how in your practice I get snippets of Seane or Desiree or Todd all rolled into one. I marvel at how you have "seemingly" incorporated into your style all of the "secrets" of the yoga stars. The truth, however, is that the "secrets" are actually based on just hard core study and expertise on the subject matter of the body.

Chris, you are the real deal... the true blue authentic trainer. You got me hooked.


Rob Johansen said...

Hey Chris!

I love LOVE hearing that even you get your ego "ruffled" once in a while!

I equate it to when a theatre patron asks me if I watch a movie version of a show I'm in to "get my character". My ego sometimes wants to say "BITE ME!". But I tell my ego to chill....

As Alison says, You are the real deal, Chris. Your understanding and ability to take that understanding and riff on it in class like a jazz musician makes you a true artist with what you keeps up comin' back for more.......

Chris said...

Hey Guys,

Thanks for the comments, though you make it tough to keep my "ego" at bay with comments like these: )

I appreciate it more than you know.