Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Props to the BTWG Racers

Hey Gang,

Last weekend was a trail race filled weekend for BTWG'rs.

Locally, Project Recruit Joe Wagle, Project Grad John Singleton, and Coach Cooper (long-time friend, yoga student, and supporter of all things we've done over the years) all toed the line for last weekends Eagle Creek Trail (run) race. This was the first in the DINO trail race series for 2009. From the reports I received, emails, and the blog postings, everyone enjoyed their first DINO race and put their Project fitness through the paces or at least tested the trail racing waters. Way to go guys! Check out John's report on the blog he authors:

Taking on a bigger challenge than most of us will ever even consider, current Project participants Brook Fitzer and Aaron Smith ran in the Land Between the Lakes Ultramarathon last weekend, which is in Kentucky. Brook took on the 23K race and Aaron went for the 60K. I've read a few race reports on the event, some forum/blog posts, and an email from Aaron and Broook and it sounds like it was quite the mud-fest. The dynamic duo, husband and wife team both completed their races and seemed to fare really well. Aaron commented that he felt his improved nutrition and new-found yoga practice has helped him recover and is already back into his training flow. Check out Aaron's Project blog for his insights: Well done! Brook is continuing to train for the Indy Mini, this may and Aaron is training for his first 100 miler (as in, 100 miles ON FOOT!) which is in June. Now that is putting his Project-based training to the test boys and girls.

Be sure to check back soon as I will be revealing some Project "secrets" and some insights regarding my own training...



ProMotion at Klipsch Fitness said...

Coach Coop and I did another trail run this morning - 15k this time, same route as a week ago, but three laps instead of two: did it in 1:34.
it was fun.

Chris said...

Yeah, Dude! Leavin' me in the dust.

ProMotion at Klipsch Fitness said...

upon further reflection, we think Wendy may have made a timing error - but in any event it was FUN!
So I followed that up with 3 hours or ride time Saturday afternoon and 3 hours more this morning down in some Brown County HILLS!!!