Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Day 17

All things that count are worth waiting for...
Like today's run. Though I chose to forgo yesterday's session and instead just be present for my family, it was more than compensated by today's run. A beautiful morning run which began on my family's farm, accompanied by smells of sweet corn, morning dew, and alfalfa fields. This was truly a "Rural Adventure", as Test Pilot Chris Chambers calls 'em.

I had the opportunity to run some decent hills, which seemed like mountains when I was a kid riding my bike up and down our road, and a chance to run some familiar turf that I hadn't stepped foot on in nearly a decade.

Who says, "you can never go home"? What a load of crap.

What a Blessing it was. I'll share some pictures as soon as I have them downloaded. Thanks for visiting...


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