Sunday, August 3, 2008

Day 7

Hey Guys,

So, Day 7 is coming to a close soon, and I'd have to say I'm still batting a thousand. Yet, as I said earlier in the week, following a plan isn't too tough for a few days, it's what happens further down the road that really counts. Not to diminish what I've done over the past week, especially while maintaining my regualr schedule and traveling to visit my daughter and her new family, I feel pretty good with my progress thus far.

Todays "long run" was fun and challenging. Christian and I took out the new wheels for a 40 minute run, the challenge was the heat/humidity (not much one can do about that, and I hear it's gonna be even more intense tomorrow). Also, as my mileage increases it's becoming increasingly more challenging to find safe routes that keep us off busy streets and can offer sidewalk access where needed.

Week 1 is a wrap, I let it go, trusting that what I experienced was exactly what I was supposed to experience. I embrace tomorrow with an empty cup and no expectations.

To close for tonight, I want to direct your attention over to the right column of this blog. See it over there--------------->>>>>>
I've added "Links" and the first one posted is for my online forum. If you have yet to visit, please take a look when you can. You can be a spectator and just read what is posted, or if you want, you can become a registered user (easy to do) and post your own topics or respond to topics already posted. It's kinda slow, for now, yet what is posted is pretty cool. I would love to have you join in the fun.

In Peace,

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