Monday, August 18, 2008

Rural Adventure

Here is a little "photo journey" of one of the runs I did when I was visiting my family. Unfortunately, my camera battery went dead before I could finish the run and share a few other gems along the way. Hope you enjoy a little glimpse into my "Rural Adventure", as Chris Chambers calls them.


This is the view from my parents home, looking down the lane. It's a 1/4 mile from here to the corner. The entire length is right at 1/2 mile. Yes, it's uphill both ways, and yes it sucked when we had to walk to/from the bus in the rain or in the winter : -) Fortunately that didn't happen too often

I wanted to capture a shot of what it's like running between fields of corn. At this stage, it's roughly 10-12 feet high. I think it's cool, those not used to it feel claustrophobic... like Jody! : -)

Still in the lane, here is the other hill to get to the end, so you can see, it really is uphill both ways!

I took this shot from the end of the lane. Off in the distance is where I'm heading the top of the next hill

Getting closer to the top. Plenty of cars on this early morning run, many whizzed by at high speed and within arms reach of me. Kinda how it is in the rural areas, I'm used to it though. You just gotta be on your mindfulness game
This is a shot I took of our neighbors home and the cow chillin' out in the pasture. I felt this kind of summarized the pace of life back home.

Finally, at the top. This is a view looking back towards the hilltop that I just came from

And finally making my way back home. The driveway is about 3/4 of the way up the hill

It was an amazing run and I cherished every moment of the journey.

Thanks for joining me!




Anonymous said...

I look at that and see - HILL REPEATS!!


Anonymous said...

Looking at this reminds me of our cottage in Wisconsin. We are heading there over Labor Day and I hope to bond with the cows as I do my work outs and mediating with the smell of Dairy Aire! Christine