Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day 4

Good Evening,

Woke up early today so I could get my run in before the heat and humidity kicked in, full force and man am I glad I did. By the end of my early morning run I was drenched with sweat, from head to toe. Aside from beating the heat, I also love doing morning workouts because I know that nothing is going to keep me from getting it in later in the day. I start my day content, energized, and inspired and today was no exception.

And now, a little peak into the Project for all you spectators...

Each Monday through Thursday I email the Project Test Pilots a "Project: Tip of the Day" and on Friday it's the "Project: Tip of the Weekend". These tips offer helpful suggestions and advice to those making this 12-week journey. The tips may range from how to better plan for your workouts, to meal ideas, to suggestions about the meditation practice. Along with offering helpful guidance, I find that the "Project: Tip of the Day" also offers inspiration and hopefully gives the Test Pilots something to look forward to each day. On a self-serving note, emailing the Tips five days a week is excellent discipline training for me. Plus I get to share bits of knowledge and wisdom that I have cultivated over the years.

Please enjoy this little glimpse into the "Project: Tip of the Day". If you would like to join in the fun you will have the opportunity to participate in the Project later this fall. Just be sure to visit my blogs frequently so you don't miss the application deadline.

"Project: Tip of the Day -- Go Early" -- edited to share with the blog viewers...

"... today's "Project: Tip of the Day" offers some ideas to make outdoor workouts through the summer more do-able. The biggest and best tip I can give you is GO EARLY! For example, I woke up at 0-dark thirty (old military slang, for way too early), did my run and was back home before anyone else was awake.

Here are a few other ideas to help you beat the heat:

* Hydrate throughout the day. Nothing saps your fitness strength like being dehydrated, even mild dehydration can cut your performance by as much as 20%.

* Wear a lose fitting, technical shirt that wicks sweat and helps it to evaporate faster

* If you cannot go early, go late. If you do this, just be mindful of your surroundings especially if you are alone. If it is after dark, wear a reflective vest and use lights. You may feel goofy doing this, but you will feel more goofy wearing a full body cast should you get plowed by a "cager" (look it up)

* Workout in a shaded area if possible, such as the park.

* Listen and feel for the signs of dehydration -- read one of my previous blog posts for more information on this topic:

* Hydrate often during your workout

* On your longer workouts wear a hydration system/backpack with lots of ice in the bladder. The added ice helps to keep your core temperature lowered.

* If it is insane-hot and humid you may want to cut your workout short and lower the intensity. Just be smart about it, and as in your yoga practice, listen to your edges and honor them."

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