Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day 2

Hey There!

So far so good. Batting a thousand, as they say. 'Course, just about anyone can pull off two days of proper training and diet : -) I don't envision being "perfect" for nearly 90 days, just consistent and perhaps nearly "perfect". One of the "Project: Dietary Principles" has to do with rating your diet at the end of each day, based on a 0 - 100% scale. This score is based on several factors, not just "what" you eat. You will have to wait for more details to be revealed on that topic. At any rate, I call it "The 90% Rule", which means that if you really want to make a positive impact on your health, fitness, and well-being, you need to consistently score 90% on the dietary scale. As you dip lower and lower on the scale, progress greatly slows, stalls, or reverts, especially once you get below 80%.

One can use this same rating scale on all aspects of their training, which I do, and my vision is to score as near 90% in all aspects of my training over the next 12-weeks.

Here's a little insight into today:

Woke up 2 hours early today in order to take care of my Test Pilots: responding to emails, weekly training logs, and working on the next phase of training (which relates to the last 4 weeks of their training). Yes, BTWG Test Pilots, I went to bed early in order to get my 7.5 hours of sleep!

I originally planned to run once Christian was up and about, yet he decided to sleep in and by 9am it was too hot and humid to take him out for a 3 miler, so I opted to postpone until this evening.

Taught my 5:45pm yoga class, at Cityoga and I actually participated in almost the entire class, something I rarely do these days (long story). And when I got home I headed out for my run. Christian didn't go with me, he stood me up by going to the store with Jody. It was great running with less humidity, which sucks your performance yet I consider it a nice "training effect".

My training schedule called for a 3 mile run, which is what I did in around 28:00. Yup, all you serious runners out there, I am sloooooow compared to competitive runners. Anything over 2 miles and I drop down to around 10:00 miles. I don't really intend to increase my running pace for the half marathon, though I do have a finishing time "goal" which I may share somewhere along the line.

Since it was 9:30pm when I finished my run and too late to actually eat a meal (another Project: Dietary Principle), I settled for some low-fat cottage cheese and a couple small slices of fresh watermelon.

Just briefly, one thing I love about running is incorporating elements of yoga and meditation, such as mindfulness of breathing, internal locks (bandhas) and so forth. As I was doing this tonight, and dodging monster insects, I smiled inwardly as I felt all those years on the zafu and yoga mat showing up, naturally, while I was running. Much like having an old friend or teacher joining you for your workout. Pretty cool and amazing.

Now, off for a meditation session and sleep.

More tomorrow...


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