Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lucky 13

"13" continues to be a favorable number for me. Today, January "13", we signed a lease on a space in Brownsburg. The CrossFit-based classes I've been teaching out of our home have grown to a point where we needed more space (and more HEAT!) to accommodate our current schedule, as well as allowing us to add more clients. The 1000 sq. ft. space will serve perfectly in this next step of our journey.

With the new space comes a new name - "PR Fitness". Why "PR"? My good friend and business partner is Jeff Porter. So, P = Porter and R = Roche. "PR" is also a term that is prevalent in CrossFit and racing as it stands for "Personal Record", so it seemed really fitting. We are in the process of becoming a CrossFit affiliate and will most likely use the name "CrossFit: PR" once we are approved.

In addition to the CrossFit-based classes, we will also offer personal training. We have two personal trainers coming on board who are very much in tune with the same style of training and approach that I take to wellness. I will also be doing 1 on 1 sessions on a limited basis. Eventually we will offer other classes, such as bootcamp and whatever seems to be a good fit for us. This will also be my home base where I will offer workshops, clinics, and the upcoming Indy Mini/CrossFit training.

It's been an exciting and eventful day, including a champaign toast with our families at the new place. So, for now, I'm too tired to share much more and tomorrow is an early day as I move our equipment into the new place - in time for tomorrow's classes!

Stay tuned for details, new class times, and the launch of our new website.

Until then, here are a couple pictures for ya...

"Behind these doors..." a view from outside.

"Within these walls..." - from the inside.

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Feakin sweet!