Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti Relief

I received the following email from our friend, Ginger and am happy to post it on the blog, as she requested. If you have been touched by the recent devastation in Haiti and would like to help in some way, here is an opportunity for you.

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I am attaching an e-mail from a college buddy of mine that works for an agency called Food for the Poor that has a huge presence in Haiti. If you feel okay about it, would you please post a blurb on your blog about how people can contribute if they feel the calling to help out?

Rick and I have supported Food for the Poor for years and I can vouch for it.



This has been quite a day dealing with the news of the devastation of the earthquake in the beloved country Haiti. I have been touched by the numerous phone calls and emails that I have received. Thank you very much. I am in awe of the generosity from so many caring people and wanting to do something to help. I thank all of you for your prayers.

FFP (Food for the Poor) needs massive amount of collections. We have been asked to direct all people to our website. We need to raise about 5 Million dollars to buy Zinc and Lumber to rebuild homes. We are sending over 250 Containers of emergency supplies.

Our FFP Office was damaged, front part of building all walls collapsed, the Chapel and wall to warehouse collapsed, no one was hurt. The Administrative offices have a lot of damage.

People are in the streets and they don't want to go back into any

Buildings. Hospital cannot accept anymore people it is at its capacity.

All phone lines are down, we can not get in contact except through internet. No Electricity, No Water.

I will be sending out a massive email tomorrow and it will have the link to donate funds. Please feel free to pass this on.

Thank you for your concern, prayers and generosity.


Tom Bouterie

Rev. Thomas R. Bouterie


P.O. Box 56907

New Orleans, LA 70156-6907

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