Thursday, October 16, 2008

Day 81

Hey Gang,

Just over 24 hours until the start of the half marathon. While I will miss all of you that normally attend my Saturday morning Power Yoga class, I'll be thinking of you. On that note, I want to thank those of you who have offered your support over the past weeks and those that have offered their encouragement this past week. Here are a few samples of the emails I've received and comments on the Project blog:

"Dear Coach Chris - BEST OF LUCK this weekend - may the wind be always at your back, and the feet fleet and fast. Attack those hills!


Enjoy the visit with the family! I will be thinking of you and sending thoughts of encouragement your way on Saturday from the first rest stop of the Hilly where I will be working.



Enjoy the family time. Mother Nature will be waiting patiently for you on your next run! May she be kind to you Saturday.

In Peace,


Have fun on Saturday!
When I used to run half marathons, I would dedicate a mile to someone special in my I found it helped me pass the time as well as give me motivation to continue to the next mile!



Hi Chris,

I wanted to give you some encouragement for your race this Saturday. In 1979, I decided I was going to run the mini marathon. I had been jogging a little over a year by the time the race was rolling around. My longest run prior to the race was 10.5 miles, which I would do once a week around eagle Creek, otherwise I ran 5-6 days/week. Well, the gist is, if I could do that, you will surely do just fine this saturday.oh....I also weighed about 25 pounds more then, and I smoked 2 packs of cigs a day (give or take a few)! As a matter of fact as soon as I finished the race, I enjoyed a smoke.HA! I never had a desire to run it again, mind you, but I did it, as you will too! Have fun.
ps...I averaged a little over 8 minute miles.


Hi Chris!

First off I wanted to wish you the best of luck in your Marathon this weekend. I will be sending positive thoughts your way! I will look forward to hearing /reading about your experience.



Thanks guys! It sure mean a lot. Those of you who have been reading the Project blog from the beginning, know that I am doing the half marathon both for personal reasons and as a test of the Project Principles and diet. While I'm testing it more for the "middle of the pack" runner, Project Graduate Rob Johansen will be testing it from up front. While Rob has stated that he has no time goal or expectations on his race, and that he is doing it purely for fun, I know that he will be putting himself and the Project to the test as well.

I'll have a little more to post tomorrow and then a post-race report for Saturday. Oh, and I'll have some pics to share as well. After that, no more blogging for a year!!! Okay, maybe I'll just cut back a little.

In Peace,

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