Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Day 73

I haven't written much on the subject of Yoga Asana (posture) as of late. As mentioned in a previous blog post, part of that is because my primary focus is currently training for the upcoming runs that I will be doing and the Project as a whole. And part of it is because for me, there is really no separation or distinction between "running" and "yoga". When you bring the same level of mindfulness and intention to either art/discipline, they are the same.

Rather than listening to me wax on about this subject, how about hopping over to Project Graduate Shawna's blog for her first hand account and insight? It's spot on and inspiring. Good job Shawna!



By the way, have you looked at the count down ticker for the Indy Half Marathon lately? That blue line is getting mighty loooooong. Yikes!

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