Monday, October 6, 2008

Day 71

One thing I can promise you about the Project Diet -- the longer you follow the plan, consistently rating at 90% or better (one of the Project Dietary Principles is rating your daily food intake based on a 0%-100% scale) not only will you feel better, perform better, discover your ideal body weight, you will also become much more sensitive to proper food choices versus poor food choices. Case in point: Over the past 71 Days of my current Project endeavor, I have only had two alcoholic beverages, a beer a few weeks ago, and one Saturday night. Both times, I felt like total crap afterwards.

On Saturday, I also indulged a little with some pasta (which I normally avoid white flour pasta), some corn chips, and two cup cakes (more white flour). Saturday night I had a horrible nights sleep, with a stomach that was not happy and a head that was spinning (from one beer!). I awoke on Sunday with a food and single-beer hangover. My head hurt, my stomach was still out of whack, my face felt puffy and my eyes felt like marshmallows.

This evening I finally feel "back to normal", and I can assure you, it will be a looooong time before I indulge like that again, I'm thinking maybe Thanksgiving. Though by then, I may change my mind and just stick with what I know works for me without the horrible side effects.

So, eating proper is a love/hate thing, I suppose. You feel better, perform better, look better, yet even a little transgression on your diet has big reprocussions. To me, it's totally worth it!

Long run tomorrow, wish me luck.



Anonymous said...

Oh so true!! I have yet to consume any alcohol since prior to the Project but I know when I make poor food choices I can sure tell the difference --- having some of the same after affects as Chris describes. That definitely helps steer me back to a better nutritional path.


Chris said...

Thanks Loretta! Since I've had direct insight into your dietary choices over the past 3 months, I can speak on your behalf. You have maintained an EXCELLENT diet, and very consistent. So, I'm certain that any low vibrational foods that might pass your lips are gonna pack a big punch of feeling-like-crap-ness. Keep going. It only gets better and better.