Saturday, October 18, 2008

Day 83 -- The Finish Line... almost

Where to begin....

It was awesome. That pretty much sums it up. I will share a post-event field report tomorrow. Sorry to keep you hanging, if you were hoping for a report tonight. I have some pictures to post and a few things I wanted to pull together before sharing my report.

One of the highlights was seeing Rob Johansen out on the course. Oh, of course it was during one of the "out and back" sections and he was nearing mile 12, and I was somewhere around mile 8 : -) Though I didn't get to see Jen, his amazing wife and fellow Project Grad. I think she was somewhere up ahead of me and we never connected. Other than that, it was just fantastic; beautiful weather, family support, lots of support from all of you, felt great, finished strong (though not fast!), and lots more that I'll share tomorrow.

One thing that I realized this evening -- there are only 7 week til the Tecumseh Trail Marathon!!!! Holy Moly I've got some training to do!!!!

Check back tomorrow.


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