Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tonight, after yoga, I had a chance to chat with Rob and Jen Johansen about the half marathon we all did last Saturday. Rob is so cool, since he knew he couldn't attend class tonight, he did my yoga CD this morning and then stopped by the studio after rehearsal so we could talk about last weekends run. Talk about living the "No Excuses" motto of the Project! Jen was able to attend class and it was great to help her workout some of the kinks from the run.

I really enjoyed sharing stories with them and to hear of our similar experiences and kind of re-live the vibe/energy from the day. Though it really struck me, and I commented to Jen, that while I enjoyed the run, I have some even longer runs ahead of me. I've already turned an eye towards the upcoming weeks. I have a 15 mile run planned, an 18 miler and a 20 miler slated in the upcoming weeks. Plus I have several hours of trail running, my weekly strength and toning workout and my personal yoga and meditation practice to attend to. So, while I've enjoyed every aspect of the half marathon and reflecting on the training and the race, I'm on to the marathon training and just being present with what that brings.

Much like we learn in the Project, it's great to reflect on our past challenges and progress, it's great to have a plan in place, yet is grand to enjoy the moment by moment experiences in between.

Thanks for joining us tonight, Rob! And thanks for Project Grads Shawna and Kari for coming to class tonight. It was awesome to have you in the mix!

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