Sunday, October 12, 2008

Day 77

Today was my last long run before next Saturday's Indy Half Marathon. I was able to fit in all my long runs over the past 12 weeks with the exception of 2 (83%, not as high as my ego would have liked, but it'll have to do). While I wish I could report that today's run went great, that wasn't the case. It was actually the second hardest run that I've done, the hardest came several weeks ago when the temps hit the 90's as I ran in the heat of the day. Today, the heat got the best of me once again. I departed for my run as the temps began to climb into the upper 70's, and peaked in the low 80's. The route I chose has several rolling hills along with a 2-3 mile stretch of false-flat, so it wasn't an easy run by any means.

My pace to the half way point felt pretty solid, though I could feel the heat beginning to take it's toll. Within a couple miles I was forced to incorporate a couple walking segments to avoid hurling. Playing it as smart as I could, I power walked a couple of the hills and ran in the shade when I could find it. I also continued to pour water into my hat, and then douse it on my head, in an attempt to dissipate some heat. While I was all helpful, I just couldn't stay cool enough to allow a running effort the whole way. No excuses! Believe me, walking was not an excuse, it was either that or suffer from heat exhaustion. The early signs were there: chills, stomach cramps, slight dizziness, etc., so I decided that today was no time to be a hero; check the ego at the door and walk as needed.

So, today's run was my longest thus far - 1 hour 59 minutes. I'm praying for cooler weather on race day!

I'll be blogging over the next couple days, don't want to break my streak, though we are leaving tonight for Vincennes. Going home to visit family and to spend some quality time with our new Grand-Daughter, Karis.



Christine Wolfe said...

Enjoy the visit with the family! I will be thinking of you and sending thoughts of encouragement your way on Saturday from the first rest stop of the Hilly where I will be working. Peace, Christine

Anonymous said...

You've gotta love Mother Nature!

I did my last long group run prior to the Monumental Saturday morning--early.

Knowing that I would be out a couple hours and the temps would rise quickly once the sun came up I started the very chilly morning in shorts and short sleeves. The first 4 miles were cold and slow!! At mile 6 we could see our breath. It was very refreshing and a wonderful way to truly feel fall moving in.

For the middle half of the run we were warm on the inside but chilled on the outside. Beads of sweet sometimes rolling over chill bumps from a constant cool breeze.

The last couple miles were plenty warm! The weather I had dressed for---and thank God I did. Where did that cool breeze go?

I ended the run absolutely drench in sweet and running at my fastest pace very comfortably. 2 hours and 8 minutes, 12.98 miles of enjoying nature regardless of the weather. I think this was as close to Zen-like as I get.

Cost of the second pair of running shoes this year----$95

Feeling sweet roll over chill bumps while watching the sun come up and listening to the birds, the squirls, and the russling of the trees on an autumn morning------priceless!

Enjoy the family time. Mother Nature will be waiting patiently for you on your next run! May she be kind to you Saturday.

In Peace,
Sherry C.

Chris said...

Thanks, Christine! It was a great visit, as always.

Congrats, you are more than ready for your half marathon. I am so amazed and proud of you. I remember when we first started working together; the pain you were in, the health challenges you were facing, the excess weight you were carrying around, and all the personal obstacles you were dealing with. You have come sooooo far. And, though it's a bit of a cliche, I'm still gonna tell you -- no matter how your race goes, you have already won!

Go get 'em and let me know how it goes.