Sunday, October 26, 2008

Suggested Web Site

Being the rookie runner that I am, I just learned of a web site that has some pretty cool tools. It's called:

As I'm extending my training runs into the 15 mile+ range, I've been looking for new/different routes to check out. allows you to map out a run and see how far it is, or when you get home from a run, you can click on the route and see how far you went.

As any regular reader of this blog knows, I'm generally not interested in "how far" I run and I'm more focused on "how long" I run. Training for next months trail marathon has made "how far" a little more of a factor for my long runs and I've found to be a helpful tool. This web site eliminates the need to jump in your car and drive a route to see how far it might be; for me it's a "green" option that works for me.

At you can create an account and there are tons of other tools available, which I have yet to check out. Personally, I don't want to get too technical or too techno-weenie about my running. I'll continue to strike a balance between being a minimalist and an extremist in all facets of running... though those GPS/Heart Rate Monitor/Stopwatch seems pretty fetching...

If you are interested in running the Indy Mini in May, remember to get signed up soon, it always fills quickly; don't wait! According to their web site, they are already 50% full as of October, 24th. Thanks for the tip, Pam!


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