Sunday, October 5, 2008

Day 70

There's something interesting, or perhaps seemingly special about hitting the 10 day marks with the blog; hitting Day 10, Day 20, Day 30... Today is Day 70. 70 straight days of blog posts. I've been thinking alot about the commitment I made to blog each day until the half marathon and what it might be like once the race gets here and I no longer post each day. The race, by the way is "13" days from today. Another 13! If you have been a long-time reader of my blog(s), you might remember this quote from my other blog, dated 7/19/08:

"I just finished my online registration for the 13th Annual Indianapolis Half-Marathon. There are several motivating factors for me to sign up, some of which are very personal. I would say the greatest motivator (aside from the Johansen's smack talkin') was that I felt it was the perfect opportunity to put my "Project: Bridging the Wellness Gap" to the test and to show that my Project is an excellent vehicle for all aspects of ones health, fitness, and well-being, including a half marathon. Plus, it's the "13" thing. While I'm not into "numerology", "13" has long been a special number for me -- Christian's birthday is June "13", I have a "13" tattoo, it's the "13th" annual race, the race is "13" weeks from today, and the distance is "13" miles.. you get the idea. How could I not sign up??? "

I hope you have enjoyed the posts thus far, though they have lacked some substance the past week or so (or all of them, depending on your opinion). My "stat counter" shows that I'm getting several hits per day (some days nearly 100!), in fact over the past 70 days I've had the highest daily average of visits since I began blogging a couple years ago. So, apparently some of you are visiting each day or at least weekly. I appreciate the interest and support. Feel free to be more than an observer and leave your comments and share your thoughts, insights, opinions, etc. You all are a quiet bunch.

Spent the day in Nashville, Indiana with several of my family members, a couple of whom I only see every few years. A great day, but I'm spent and ready for a good nights sleep.

Now that I've had a week to devote to household and personal responsibilities, this week it's "back to work". So, expect some Project Graduate stories and more!


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