Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Day 72

"If you wanna make God laugh, show Him your plan."

The above quote has been around for years, and oooooh how true it is. I planned to do a long run today. I planned to share some Project news with you today. I planned to.... So what's wrong with the previous 2 1/2 sentences (aside from any grammar flubs)? Clearly it's the "I". When "I" plans, there is only a small fraction of potential that whatever it is that "I" planned will actually happen. In the human perception, "small" is still pretty "large" yet in Cosmic, God-sized perception it's smaller than the head of a pin small. Following me?

When "I" planned the run and "I" planned to share the Project news, "I" did it without prayer, without consulting God (as much as I understand how to do this, it's not like I have a fancy red phone to call Him), and "I" did it purly out of "I-ness" or ego. As a result, none of what "I" planned came to fruition today. Though some amazing things did occur in their place.

Sometimes "I" remember to pray about these sorts of things and listen/feel for guidance, sometimes "I" forget. "I" know when "I" remember, and "I" know when "I" forget, it is unmistakable in how different things turn out and how things flow when "I" do. The key is to be proactive, to be engaged in your life and to create a plan for your day, your week, your month, your year, your life, yet be sure to include God in the process, be prayerful in the process and be mindful. At least "I" find that to be the optimal approach. But then again, what do "I" know?

Peace Out,


BTG Test Pilot 7321 said...

thank you for the re-minder...geeezz when am "I" going to learn this one?
ahhh..yes, 'sit with that and listen'


Anonymous said...

how true, how true.
thanks for sharing that one, Coach!
as the story i shared a few weeks ago illustrates, perhaps one's "plan" most often gets disrupted on the "when", though we can still hold on to the "what" - so, just do it today! Or tomorrow! What stays the same, when just gets altered a bit - I was taught a crucial aspect of this when I first started training with both Dr. Knows-alot-Ski and Coach Wendy as coaches: the plan would be well formulated, all spelled out, what and when and how many and why. At first, if I missed a work out, then I tried to make it up on a rest day, for instance - I quickly learned that, if you miss it, you miss it, drop it, let it go, and go on to the next day! it will be there waiting for you, of that you can be sure.