Saturday, September 27, 2008

Day 62

Home, finally.

Over the last several years, Jody and I have searched for a church to call "home". We've visited several and always left feeling un-inspired and un-nourished. Long story short, tonight we took a big spiritual step and officially joined Kingsway Christian Church in Avon. It was an amazing evening and we are both feeling energized, Spirit-filled, inspired, and peace-filled. As Jody said, we feel like we are finally home.

To visit their web site, click on the logo below. If you ever want to visit, or join us for a Saturday evening, let me know!

Tomorrow is the big day for the Project Test Pilots, the final fitness test. Wish them luck. I plan to share a report either tomorrow or Monday. Wish them well!

In Peace,


W. Harris said...

Chris -

Welcome to Kingsway. I have attended KCC for many years and am a regular at saturday nigth as well. I will try and look you up.

Chris said...

Hey w. harris,

Thanks! We attend every Saturday, except this week. It would be great to meet you. How did you stumble across the Project blog?