Friday, September 5, 2008

Day 40

40 days into my Project: Half Marathon. Crazy that 40 days have come and gone and in only a few weeks the same will be said for the run. You know, Jesus spent an equal number of days in the wilderness and he return empowered, awakened, battle tested, and ready to kick butt and take names (at least in a Christ-like, spiritual kinda way...). As for me, while I haven't been fasting in the desert for 40 days and wrestling with the devil, I have devoted myself to my training and my diet (at least 90%!) more consistently and more diligently than I have in over a decade. And I do feel more empowered and awakened than I did 40 days ago. Thanks for hangin' with me the last 40 days, which by the way I have yet to miss a day of blogging!

Drum roll please.... the next adventure that I have committed to is.....
The Tecumseh Trail Marathon, which is December 6th. "Why?", you may ask. Within the first couple weeks of my half marathon training, I quickly realized that it wasn't going to test or challenge me or the Project principles enough (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually). I knew I needed something more to really get into the very core, the very essence of this whole thing. Kicking around the next obvious challenge, a full marathon, I started shopping around. Again, I quickly realized that a full marathon just wasn't the ticket either. No offense to anyone training for a half or full marathon, I think they are very challenging, don't get me wrong. I'm a slow runner, and speed isn't what I'm looking to test, I'm talking endurance ladies and gents. I want something that is going to take me as close to my edge as possible and I want to do it using the same principles that I present in "Project: Bridging the Wellness Gap".

I was led to a website and discovered the Tecumseh Trail Marathon, which I had never heard of. From reading the description and after doing a little research, I found that this is both a laid back event (only around 500 people do it, as compared to 35,000+ at the Indy Mini each May) and yet it appears to be a pretty rugged test of endurance. Seemed like the perfect testing grounds to me. Sign me up, please!

If you have been reading Project Test Pilot, Corbin Baird's blog, you will note that he is registered for this years run as well. Anyone else interested in throwing your body/mind/spirit fitness hat into the ring? Let me know.

Oh, and just to keep your interest piqued, the Tecumseh Trail Marathon is actually a stepping stone for what I really have my sights set on. Now that should keep you guessing for the next couple months. I will share the next step after Tecumseh, assuming I live to tell about it...

In Peace,


Rob Johansen said...

Holy Crap, you animal!

the half, now the Tecum......crap. Forgot how to spell it.....WHAT CAN BE AFTER THAT?!?!?!?!?!

The bummer for me is, I know I can't do anything like that in December. IRT would kill me if I did a long run in December, and it would be really unhealty for me as Christmas Carol is so physically challenging. But I can't wait to hear about the Tecummmmmsomething and what lies beyond that. You are amazing!



Chris said...

Hey Rob,

Wish you could run with me, though you would be so far up the trail, I don't think I'd see you much. Unless you would want to slum it with the slow pokes like me: -)