Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day 39

Yeah, sometimes I'm a body/mind/spirit fitness geek and I probably drive some folks crazy, yet I gotta tell ya I love it when you walk your talk and God occasionally seems to smile down and say, "Yup, good job, dude. Here let me throw you a bone." Case in point, last night I was preachin' on this blog about planning and how I was all set for a great day ahead, blah, blah, blah. Well, due to my planning, I was able to turn an unplanned opening in my schedule into a fantastic workout. Having the proper food and the proper "tools" allowed me to hit a local park between sessions and get my workout in earlier in the day. As a result, I had my training complete and was able to spend the evening enjoying dinner and celebrating Dylan's 18th Birthday (officially today).

For me, today was a combination of planning and listening/feeling the cues that were showing up. Originally, I was going to take the window of opportunity to read, do some Bible Study and chill in the park with a cup of coffee. Ohhhh, how my ego craved that route.

Plan, plan, plan, and listen, listen, listen. If you listen for the voice of Spirit and follow what you hear, rather than the voice of ego, you will always be lead to Higher terrain. You can trust, without question, that you made the accurate decision. Give it a shot.

If you get a chance, check out Test Pilot Carrie's blog, "Slouching Towards Fitness." Anyone else relate to Carrie's experience?

Have a great night/day, I'm off to meditate : -)

Peace Out,

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