Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Day 58

Good Evening All,

Today's long run was glorious, hilly, beautiful scenery and wonderful weather. Only down side, I made a rookie mistake and didn't bring enough H20, but no biggie. Funny side note, I saw one of my yoga student/client/friends Danielle while on my run, told her I was running farther than I planned and was out of water. She offered her bottle, but since I was only 1/2 hour from home I passed. I thought it was pretty cool to run into a friend when I was in need. Love it when things go down like that. Thanks, Danielle!

Back to the rookie mistake, knowing that this run was walk-about style, I should have just topped off the Camelbak and been prepared regardless. Oh well, that's part of learning, making rookie mistakes. It ended up being my longest run, to date. And not just my longest run on this Project training program, my longest every, period. So, I felt pretty good about that. I should preface that by saying it was the longest "time" I've ever ran, I still have no idea how "far" I went. Maybe I'll measure it someday, maybe not. What difference would it make, other than to my ego?

Project Suggested Web Site:

When I created the "Project: Bridging the Wellness Gap" diet plan, I went with a "semi-vegetarian" approach, which means that I suggest moving towards a primarily vegetarian diet, though you can include small amounts of animal protein, if you wish. There are numerous reasons why I've suggest this, and if you join us for the next Project, you will learn more about that. One form of protein that I highly recommend the Project Test Pilots eat is low-fat cottage cheese. While it isn't "vegan", it is vegetarian, low in fat, high in protein, and super convenient (a requirement for anything to be part of the Project diet).

While some folks just can't stand cottage cheese (something I can't imagine!), I personally love the stuff and eat it just about ever day as either part of a meal or as a snack. At any rate, I came across this web site, which is awesome! While I thought I was creative with cottage cheese, this site gave me tons more ways to enjoy the stuff. Check it out (sorry I didn't find it sooner, Test Pilots!) - "The Cottage Cheese Page"

Test Pilot Alison had a great tip early in the Project, she mentioned that most cottage cheese contains "modified food starch", which isn't that big of a deal in small amounts, yet it can be an issue in larger amounts. So watch the label and make sure it's low on the list of ingredients. She mentioned the brand "Breakstone's", which contains "less than 2% food starch". It's the brand that Jody buys as well, and I find it pretty darn awesome. Enjoy!


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