Monday, September 15, 2008

Day 50

The big 5-0!

Today I went shopping for some new "gear", one of the fun aspects of any hobby or sport is getting the gear. I keep things fairly minimal, though others are even more of a minimalist than myself. At any rate, last year all my running was taking place in our neighborhood or the local school track, pretty tame environments. This year is another story. As my long runs are extending into the 10+ mile range I find it best to hit the road and head outta town. Some of my runs will be on the trail in preparation for the Tecumseh Trail Marathon, yet most will be on the road. I suppose I could just run around, and around on the school track but to me that is only one step away from running on the dreadmill. I can do it for a few miles but then I'm ready to bang my head against a concrete wall. I'll save the track for occasional interval workouts or for when it's my only option.

I picked up this vest for around $25, it's adjustable, super light, ultra ventilated and has plenty of reflective material on the front, shoulders and back. It's call "The Streak" and is made by "Nathan Sports". I chose this one for it's minimal size with maximum reflective points and the fact that it isn't restrictive. Maybe I just picked it for the name... Another piece of equipment I'm looking to upgrade is my headlamp. The one I have works, but it's pretty heavy and really isn't designed for running. It will do in the meantime.

So, what's my point, other than being jazzed about buying some new gear and getting to test it out tomorrow morning? It's all part of the Project philosophy of "No Excuses" and having a plan. As the daylight hours get shorter and shorter, if you intend to run through the winter there are certain bits of gear that are essential and probably the biggest priority is staying safe with plenty of reflective material, lights and more reflective material. I suggest a vest, a headlamp and perhaps even a hand-held light. If you are going out into the country, you might also want to get a red flashing light which you can attach to the back of your vest (something I'm picking up tomorrow).

Later this fall I'll share some tips on "dressing for success" so you too can run all winter with me. I did it last you and so can you.


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