Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Day 45

"I'm not a runner." How many times I have spoken those words? "I'd rather ride my bike 100 miles than run 10 miles." That was my thought and my oft used line. The fact is, these were self-held thoughts that I believed and they shaped my reality. I hated running. I used all the same lame excuses that so many others use to avoid running. The truth is, running is hard, there is no way around it. Sure, some folks are genetically build more suited for running, yet we are all designed for running. Not all of us are built to win marathons or 200 meter sprints, but we can all maximize the God-given ability we possess.

Buying into my beliefs about running allowed me to avoid running for years. And now that I am a full fledged runner, I can't believe all the great experiences I've missed from sitting on the sidelines. At 40, I'm discovering a renewed sense of fitness and I'm having tons of fun, yes FUN in the process.

Running is very powerful and very empowering. I chose running as the primary mode of aerobic conditioning for the Project for the sheer simplicity that comes with running. All you need is a decent pair of shoes and the will to get outside and run, Forrest, run. I'm convinced that, with rare exception, anyone can become a runner with the proper coaching and the proper plan. Just ask the amazing Project Test Pilots, many of them believed they could never be a runner, I've shown them otherwise. If you have been blessed with a reasonably healthy functioning body, you owe it to yourself to get up and run. Run for those who cannot. Run for those who have lost the ability or the will to run. Be an inspiration.

"I'm not fast." Now that's my next belief to overcome...

So, how 'bout you? What limiting self-imposed beliefs do you hold about yourself? What are you not doing that you could/should be doing because you have convinced yourself you can't do it?


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