Sunday, September 14, 2008

Day 49

What, a little rain and wind keep us for running? Not a chance. "No Excuses" means no excuses. Certainly I would not go out with Christian in a thunderstorm or serious weather (I'd go by myself, but not with him...), but a little rain and wind, give me a break. While that might provide the prefect excuse for some, for people like me, it just makes things more "fun". Christian had a ball (literally) riding in his new stroller with the rain/wind shield in place. All morning he was looking outside at the rain, asking if we were going for a run. See, he already has the no excuses mindset. For you parents out there, wanna know if you are walking your talk? Just look at your kids and you will know.

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Christian, looking a little like the boy in the plastic bubble, but he's happy as can be just getting outside for a run and a chance to go play.

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