Sunday, September 7, 2008

Day 42

Hey Guys,

Those of you in the Indy area, I truly hope you got outside to enjoy these amazing late-summer days and evenings. I know we did.

Today's training was exquisite, first time I ever used that word to describe training, yet that sums it up. For my long run, I chose the same route I did two weeks ago, except I went longer and further, though I don't exactly know the distance. I just know that I ran past my previous turn around mark and continued up road for another 10 minutes. Plus, when I returned home, I did a loop through our neighborhood to extend the run another 10 minutes.

Amazing what a difference it makes in your performance when the temps are 20 degrees cooler and the humidity is significantly lower. Two weeks ago I had to mix in some walking in the last couple miles of the run, not today.

The stretch/yoga afterwards felt phenomenal as well.

Perhaps what I like most about true cross training is the fact that I can do a long run, feel whipped afterwards, yet still be free of any residual aches, pains, or soreness that you typically get with being a specialist in one sport/activity or another. This was one of things I was reminded of during my run and I actually felt bad for those who never experience the freedom and benefits that arise from training in multiple activities such as running, strength and toning workouts, jumping rope, doing yoga asanas, eating a healthful diet, etc. I thought of all the friends I have who only practice yoga and have decided to forsake running because it's "bad for you", or "it ruins my yoga practice". Okay, whatever. No attachment in that mindset, is there? Anyway, I just felt a sense of compassion and then got back to breathing, running, and praising God for how darn lucky I am to have a body that moves and that I have opportunities to be outside and play in the wonder of it all.

In Peace,


Anonymous said...

Agree!!! Amazing returns from yoga to my life and my running! Used to I would feel pain in my legs every time training started. After a just months of yoga, running has become graceful!


Chris said...

Hey Kirsten,

Thanks for sharing!