Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Day 38

One of the primary lessons that I have taught my Project Test Pilots is if you want to make progress, you must plan, plan, plan. This means you must plan your weekly workout schedule and let nothing get in the way, and if/when something does, you adapt your plan in order to accomplish your assigned workouts. It means planning your weekly meals and shopping for everything you need, as well as preparing the food you will take with you each day as you head out to work, school, etc. It means that when you travel, or attend a social gathering that you plan your workouts and dietary choices so that you can stick to your Project. Plan, remain flexible and willing to adapt when you have to, that has been the key to progress for those Test Pilots experiencing change. It's all part of what I've instilled in everyone since day one, actually since before I accepted any applications to the Project, the "No Excuses! " mindset.

So, tonight, after a long day of teaching and training, feeling like I had just crossed the finish line, I realized it was time to plan for tomorrow and pack my food. Meaning the finish line was still a few hundred yards away. Initially I was bummed about the whole thing. My ego rebelled and chimed in "heck with it, just buy food on the fly tomorrow or maybe try to get up early to plan and prepare". Yeah, right! I know that game, listening to the ego and I know how it always plays out. The ego craves comfort and ease and always leads to sleeping too late to make food in the morning, eating crappy food while running from one session to another, and feeling like crap at the end of the day. Listening and following the ego leads to mediocrity or "outcomes that suck" as my counselor friend says. Rather, I mustered up my No Excuses attitude and prepared all the food that I will need for tomorrow and my clothes are already laid out, ready to go. Bags are packed and now I can call it a day.

By rising above the ego's craving for comfort (and believe me, it was making a real fuss), I've at least created the potential for a great day tomorrow, and I know I will be able to eat the foods that are appropriate for my Project intentions. No longer a slave to addiction, laziness, complacency, ego; I am liberated and living more authentically, from spirit.

Sure I have my moments, my weakness, my challenges, who doesn't? In my book (literally), it's about following what I call the "90% Rule", which means that if I stick with my Project diet and workouts at least scoring a 90% consistently, I will make progress. I used to hover around the 75-85% mark and never experienced the health, fitness, and well-being that I supposedly desired. For over 6 months now I have consistently scored at least 90% on my diet and workouts (the best and longest in my life!) my life has continued to change and grow in an empowering way and now I'm seeing it in the Project Test Pilots. This Project is effective, if you apply it and live the principles and even better (listen up Test Pilots), it is sustainable beyond a 12-week fitness fling. It's a lifestyle and I'm living it. How 'bout you?

Thanks for reading and thanks for supporting me in multiple ways.

Much Love.


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