Friday, July 24, 2009

Your Support Requested

Hey Gang,

Many of you have already heard me talk about my involvement with the Wounded Warrior Project, what it is, and what my goals are. If you are not up to speed on the WWP, you can go to my new web site,, and click on the link "WWP" (for a shortcut, click HERE). There is a YouTube video which tells more about WWP and you can also visit their web site at I have a long-term goal of raising $10,000 for WWP, with donations that I just mailed in, we are nearing our first $1,000!

Here is where you come in:

One of the ways I am raising funds and awareness for WWP is through racing in ultramarathons. I accept donations on behalf of the WWP. My next race is coming up in just two short weeks, August 8th, where I will be toeing the line of the "Howl at the Moon 8-Hour Ultramarathon" which is in Danville, Illinois. I will be racing in honor of the WWP; running for those veterans who cannot and to inspire injured vets to live life to the fullest and be as active as possible, within the context of their "new" life.

You can donate in several ways:
  • Go to my WWP donation page and make your donation online - Click HERE, Or you can just click on the WWP logo to the right.
  • As of tomorrow, there will be a donation box at Cityoga where you can drop in your check made out to - Wounded Warrior Project
  • Give me a check next time you see me, again made out to - Wounded Warrior Project
  • Make a pledge - for my upcoming 8 hour race, pledge a certain dollar amount for every mile that I run. How far will I go? Who knows for sure, but I can assure you I'm going to give it my best effort so I can get every penny I can from you : ) Seriously though, I'm estimating that I will cover somewhere in the 30-35 mile range. The weather and heat will be a big factor in this race, so that will influence my performance. To make a pledge you can either email me of your intentions ( or you can write it on a piece of paper and drop it in the box at Cityoga, just be sure to include a contact number or email address. All pledge donations need to be sent in within 2 weeks of the race.
Have other ideas to contribute? Let me know!

If you visit this free blog and find it helpful to you in some way, or if you feel I have made a positive impact on your life in some fashion and want to return the favor, here is your chance to pay it forward and give to those who have served our country.

100% of all funds donated go straight to the WWP and your donations are tax deductible.

Thanks, guys!


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