Monday, July 6, 2009

#6 and Comments from the Summer Schoolers

#6 -
Mixed greens
Tuna (yum!)
Chopped onion
Raspberry/Walnut vinaigrette

The "Project: Summer School" crew got their first taste of a brand new "Project" workout last week and, boy, were my ears burning! Here are a few comments that have come my way:

"Chris....tough workout...but awesome. The soreness started to kick in late yesterday. Just what I needed to start off July...thanks!!"

"L. and I did the second strength and conditioning this morning – I’m off work today, too. We were going to do it yesterday, but we were still sore (legs, thighs, inside thighs) from Tuesday morning. We’re much better today."

"And from one of the brave folks doing the "Project: Performance" workouts -
I do like the performance work outs. I am a fan of compound exercises. The only thing is that it is pretty grueling. It requires a bit of mental preparation and focus, But that's okay. It's good to set a high goal and work toward it each time. I think the last time I did burbees was high school football, and I don't remember ever doing box jumps. Summer month 3 is tough also but takes less time."

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