Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pulling the Trigger

In the past couple days Jody and I have considered three pretty big decisions and after much discussion and prayer have "pulled the trigger" on all three:

1) On Wednesday, we adopted a 6 week old boxer puppy as our newest addition to our family. "Diesel", had a bit of a rough start but was rescued by a caring couple who kept him a couple weeks until they could find him a permanent home; that home is ours : )

2) Thursday, I mailed in my registration and am now committed to running my first 50 mile ultramarathon. At the beginning of 2009 I set a goal of running a 50 mile trail race and set about finding the right event for me. The "FJK 50 Miler" ( is on November 21st, in Hagerstown Md., and if my application is accepted, I'll be towing the line with 999 other participants. This event sells out pretty quick, but I was eligible for early registration as they accept only applications from military personnel and veterans during the first week of registration. We will see how it goes... in more ways than one!

3) Last year, as a 40th birthday/wedding gift, several of you contributed towards me continuing my education in yoga, or in some fashion to further my professional training and to do something I otherwise would not do, or could not afford to do. Since that time, I've stowed the money away, waiting for just the right thing, for what felt right to me. I explored many avenues, retreats, workshops, trips, monasteries, and more. In the end, I really didn't find anything that called to me or felt like it would be personally and professionally fulfilling. The answer began to present itself near the end of last year, and became increasingly clear in the past months. So, just moments ago, I "pulled the trigger" and completed my online registration for... Stay tuned for this one, I'll share the news in a few weeks.

Thanks for reading, thanks for the continued interest and support and thanks to those who are helping to make my dreams and visions become a reality.

Much Love,


Christine said...

How could you leave us hanging? I guess it is always good to want more ... whether it is info, inspiration, etc! I hope you enjoy your puppy. My brother and sis-in-law just got a boxer "Bailey". She is cute and we have baby sat a few times. It is crazy the way she has grow so fast ... we had her one weekend then two weeks later it seemed like her legs grew six inches! Any way, I will hang tight for the additional info. See you soon! Christine

Kelly said...

Congratulations, Chris, on the newest member of the family, and taking the ultra challenge!
I can't wait to hear the surprise - so glad you decided what you would like to do!
See you Saturday!

Chris said...

Hey BTWG gals! Thanks for the comments.

Yeah, we've had our pup for a week and I think he has already doubled in size! I'm sure we are going to get as much joy from him as he will have with us. He and Christian are already best buds.

Glad to keep you guys in suspense a little longer - call it "insurance" that you will continue to visit the blog : )